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103 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine ENTREPRENEURS Matthew Caleb Neiswinter met his wife, Dani, at a local gaming store, where he would often go to play the tabletop roleplaying game “Magic the Gathering.” As time progressed, he learned that the gaming store was going to go out of business. To this end, Mr. Neiswinter and his wife decided to purchase the local store, renovate it and begin selling games at a higher caliber to enrich sales and customer satisfaction. Drawing upon 20 years of prior management experience at various retail stores, as well as Dollar General where he served as a manager from 2012 to 2018, Mr. Neiswinter took up the challenge of restoring the business. Since 2018, he has excelled as the general manager and co-owner of DragonFly Games, LLC, in Sumter, South Carolina. Alongside his primary endeavors, Mr. Neiswinter maintains civic affiliation with the Sumter Police Department and the Shaw Air Force Base. He frequently donates to his local public radio station, as well as supports Autism Speaks and Extra Life. He attributes his immense success to his experience in management throughout his career, and he notes that the knowledge he has accrued over the past 20-plus years has been leveraged to improve the quality of his present business. Likewise, Mr. Neiswinter is proud to have found creative solutions to every problem he has faced in the store. For his accomplishments at Dollar General, Mr. Neiswinter was honored for best shrink reduction and the highest annual sales increase. Holding a diploma from Windsor Forest High School in Savannah, Georgia, he enjoys playing various tabletop and video games in his spare time. Looking toward the future, Mr. Neiswinter would like to open additional locations of DragonFly Games, establish a franchise and move his businesses across the United States. Millennium Magazine Featured Listee MATTHEW CALEB NEISWINTER GENERAL MANAGER, CO-OWNER DragonFly Games, LLC Sumter, SC