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106 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine ENTREPRENEURS passed away when she was little and her father worked diligently to take care of her together with her four other sisters. Since childhood, Ms. Phan’s ambition has always been to provide a better life to make up for her father and her sisters. Modestly, she often says that she would not be as successful without the support and assistance from her sisters. Ms. Phan is truly a well-respected leader. Her flexible leadership styles allow her to connect emotionally and inspire her employees to contribute and perform at their best ability towards the success of the company. Looking forward, Ms. Phan strategically plans and intends to expand the company where additional job opportunities will also be created and offered to the local community. Ms. Phan was born on May 24, 1978 to parents Nga Le and Xet Phan. She has been married to her beloved husband, Tung Tran, for many years, and a proud mother of three children. Her family enjoys traveling in their spare time. A native of Vietnam, Truc Phan “May Flower” graduated with a bachelor’s degree in corporate finance at one of the most coveted universities in Vietnam in 2002. Immigrating to the United States in 2004, she was determined to pursue the American Dreamof eventually establishing a successful business. Her journey began as she joined L&T Food Distributor, Inc., and worked under the wing of her former boss. The opportunity arose in 2006 upon her former boss’ retirement, and with Ms. Phan’s entrepreneurial passion, she bought out the company andhas served as president and owner since. During the first year of the acquisition, the food distribution company was at just over $3million in revenue. Under Ms. Phan’s pioneering leadership and visions, the company’s revenue increased tremendously, and 2020 marked an astonishing achievement as it reached $42 million. Ms. Phan’s other successful business endeavors supporting L&T Food Distributor include My Vo Management, My Vo Produce and My Vo Transport. Ms. Phan’s driven work ethic play a significant role to her success, and is influenced by the hardship from her childhood. Her mother TRUC PHAN “MAY FLOWER” PRESIDENT, OWNER L&T Food Distributor, Inc. Springfield, VA