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117 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine ENTREPRENEURS ENTREPRENEUR (RETIRED) Hide-A-Hose, Inc. Mukilteo, WA OWNER, CHEF Rumba Authentic Latin Cuisine Colorado Springs, CO Millennium Magazine Featured Listee GARY L. DRIVSTUEN Interested in how to manufacture and organize hoses from central vacuum systems, Gary L. Drivstuen came upon the concept of using a suction from the central vacuum system to pull hoses back into the pipe. Subsequently, he applied for a patent for his new technology, which he titled Hide-A-Hose. During this time, he became acquainted with several hose manufacturers until he met one president of a hose manufacturing company who was interested in his product. Upon receiving his U.S. patent, Mr. Drivstuen was able to get funds necessary to distribute his product, and therefore, Hide-A-Hose, Inc., was born. Prior to developing Hide-A-Hose, Mr. Drivstuen did home deliveries from his berry plant and milk processing plant, as well as built a barn where he could sell his milk at a discount. Turning his home business into a local gas station with two gas pumps and a convenience store for customers to purchase milk, this was his introduction to the field of entrepreneurship. He attributes his success to his persevering attitude, his vision for success and stepping out of his comfort zone. Now retired, Mr. Drivstuen intends to relocate to Arizona. Cooking authentic cuisine from various cultures from a young age, Angelina Galiana Rojas frequently cooked Latin American dishes for friends and family. Eventually delving into catering and baking desserts, she was encouraged by her husband to open her own restaurant. In 2020, she established Rumba Authentic Latin Cuisine, in which she serves Colombian, Cuban, Peruvian, Mexican and Puerto Rican dishes to her customers in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Over the past few years, Rumba has been acclaimed by customers and the media alike, and Ms. Galiana Rojas and her restaurant were featured in a news article in 2020. She is especially well known for her authentic sauces. Attributing her success to her upbringing, perseverance and dedication to her craft, Ms. Galiana Rojas often provides discounts to families who have endured difficult times. Throughout her life, she was taught to be supportive of others and, in five years’ time, would like to provide her services for orphaned children. A Cuban native who immigrated to the United States at the age of 8, Ms. Galiana Rojas is married with two children and three grandchildren. ANGELINA GALIANA ROJAS