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137 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine GOVERNMENT AND MILITARY Interested in military service and government from a young age, Gary F. Pesnell Jr. followed in his family’s footsteps during his high school years. Upon graduation, he enlisted in the United States Air Force, where he remained for 26 resounding years. Thoroughly enjoying his military tenure, he recognized the importance of his service and leveraged his success to accept opportunities after his departure. During his time spent in the Air Force, he received numerous accolades, including four Life Saving Commendation Medals, one Commendation Achievement Medal, one Purple Heart and one Bronze Star. Since 2020, Mr. Pesnell has excelled as a field service manager for Alutiiq. He attributes his immense success to his diligent work ethic and dedication to his job. Influenced greatly by his father, who also exhibited a strong work ethic, Mr. Pesnell emphasizes that his wife, Robin, is his greatest inspiration. Married for many years, they share two children and one grandchild. Alongside his primary endeavors, Mr. Pesnell has also served as a volunteer medic for the County of Stafford, Virginia, since 2011 and was a former commander of Veterans of Foreign Wars for five years. Although his career has been filled with highlights, he is especially proud of being an instructor for many years, in which he brought his profound knowledge to others. He notes that some of those he has trained over the decades have gone into high leadership positions within their respective businesses. Looking toward the future, Mr. Pesnell intends to escalate through the ranks at Alutiiq and move into a senior leadership position. Thereafter, he would like to plan for his well-deserved retirement. Millennium Magazine Featured Listee GARY F. PESNELL JR. FIELD SERVICE MANAGER Alutiiq Stafford, VA