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150 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine HEALTH AND WELLNESS Fascinated by others from a formative age, Dr. Elizabeth Celeste Moneyhun Gaines began counseling when she was just a high school student. As individuals were fascinated by the expansive library in her childhood home, she discovered her innate aptitude for empathy. Shortly thereafter, she would meet others in the library, where they would discuss their problems and Dr. Gaines offered them sound advice to remedy those problems. Over time, Dr. Gaines saw at least two individuals per week to address various issues, and sought to become a therapist. Highly educated, Dr. Gaines holds a Master of Science in rehabilitation from Southern Illinois University, a Master of Arts from the Christian Theological Seminary, and a doctorate in alternative medicine from Holos University Graduate Seminary. For more than 30 years, she has excelled in her role as a clinical pastoral psychotherapist, in which she aids her patients who come to her with an assortment of mental health needs. She is especially proud of saving some of her patients’ lives, who often came to her with suicidal ideation. A licensed clinical social worker and certified clinical social worker in the State of Indiana, Dr. Gaines also contributes her time civically to myriad endeavors. She is a member of We’re All in This Together, Ping Indy and Unity in Diversity, and a donor to various Native American schools and reservations. Likewise, she has been a board member of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Indianapolis. Attributing her success to her faith in God, she would like to touch more patients’ lives in the forthcoming future. As a testament to her success, Dr. Gaines has received numerous accolades, including an Award of Commitment from the Northern Plains Reservation, Workshop Endeavor Awards from the National Board for the Mentally Challenged, and the Indiana Tree Drive Award from the Arbor Day Foundation, which she earned in 2020. Notably, she was the recipient of a sacred pipe from a Native American tribe. A native of San Francisco, California, she currently resides in Indianapolis. Millennium Magazine Featured Listee DR. ELIZABETH CELESTE MONEYHUN GAINES CLINICAL PASTORAL PSYCHOTHERAPIST Indianapolis, IN