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185 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine OWNER Kraken Performance Gym Yorktown, VA Millennium Magazine Featured Listee OWNER Donna’s Home Treats Unadilla, NY Millennium Magazine Featured Listee ASHLEY MARIE CORDNER After taking college courses in English and journalism, Ashley Marie Cordner soul-searched for where her passion was and subsequently concluded that she desired to delve into the world of the culinary arts. While growing up, she often baked and cooked with her grandmother, developing strong bonding moments while also learning how to create delicious cuisine. As time progressed, Ms. Cordner discovered a woman who was selling her coffee shop; therefore, she decided to make it her own. Titled Donna’s Home Treats in Unadilla, New York, the coffee shop was transformed into a bakeshop with Ms. Cordner at the helm as owner. Since taking over the business, Ms. Cordner has been met with unmatched success and is looking forward to moving to a larger storefront to accommodate all of her customers. Donna’s Home Treats serves delicious coffee and espresso beverages, as well as an assortment of baked goods, desserts, breakfast items and sandwiches. Ms. Cordner attributes her success to her local community, who have always been welcoming, supporting and encouraging. For more information and to see their menu, please visit Involved heavily with sports from a formative age, Remington Lanning drew inspiration from Gary Hodges, a great mentor who influenced both Mr. Lanning and his brother, Benjamin. As Mr. Hodges brought athletic enthusiasts together through personal training and fitness, Mr. Lanning sought to delve into the same career path. Shortly thereafter, he and his brother leased a building, thereby seizing the opportunity to commence their own business. Since 2019, Mr. Lanning has been the owner of Kraken Performance Gym in Yorktown, Virginia. At Kraken Performance Gym, he has veered away from the typical corporate structure and, instead, centers a personal and client-focused approach to fitness and training. Alongside his primary vocation, Mr. Lanning enjoys dedicating his time to hosting seminars for fitness and related subjects. He also donates and volunteers to several philanthropic initiatives in his community. To attest to his own athletic prowess, he has received First and Third Amateur Level Awards in Competitive Bodybuilding. Looking toward the future, Mr. Lanning intends to open an additional gym at a larger facility to offer more services. Likewise, he would like to offer gym-related merchandise, such as athletic apparel. REMINGTON LANNING HOSPITALITY AND LEISURE