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189 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine LAW AND LAW ENFORCEMENT Ginsburg, Clarence Darrow, Thurgood Marshall and Abraham Lincoln, she desired to delve into law and leverage her legal acumen for women’s rights issues. She received a JD from the University of Michigan Law School in 1970 and began her career as an assistant attorney general in the State of Wisconsin the same year, holding the position until 1974. Congruent to her role with the State of Wisconsin, Ms. MacDougall also served as an instructor at the University of Wisconsin’s law school and undergraduate campuses from 1973 to 1975. Following this appointment, she was a legal counsel for the Wisconsin Education Association Council inMadison, Wisconsin, from1975 until her retirement in 2014. Concurrently, she also excelled as an adjunct facultymember at Columbia College in Chicago between 1988 and 2013. Between 1972 and 1989, Ms. MacDougall litigated, wrote and lectured about women’s and children’s rights, and has authored or coauthored several publications to her name. In 1972, she penned the article “Married Women’s Common Law Right to Their Own Surname” in the Women’s Rights Law Reporter at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey. Thereafter, she co-authored “The Booklet for Women who Wish to Determine Their Own Names After Marriage” in 1974, with a supplement text in 1975. Her final article, “The Right of Women to Name Their Children,” was published in the 1985 issue of the University of Minnesota journal, Law and Inequality. Ms. MacDougall was a co-founder of the Legal Association of Women in Wisconsin, and was also a co-founder of the section of individual rights and responsibilities of the Wisconsin State Bar. In 2008, she received an Honor Medal from Veteran Feminists of America. Looking forward, she intends to move forward with her career and advise the immigrant population. Realizing her life purpose was to make the world a better place, Priscilla Ruth MacDougall received a BA from Barnard College in 1965 before traveling to France, where she obtained a master’s equivalency degree from the University of Paris in 1967. Inspired by such prominent figures as Ruth Bader PRISCILLA RUTH MACDOUGALL LEGAL COUNSEL (RETIRED) Wisconsin Education Association Council Evanston, IL