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30 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine ARTS, MEDIA AND ENTERTAINMENT Leveraging an early interest in media and entertainment, Mark Maier matriculated at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, from which he received a Bachelor of Arts in radio, television and film in 1977. At the inception of his career following his receipt of his bachelor’s degree, he served as a recording engineer for the American Music Corporation for three years before serving as a staff engineer at WMTV in Madison, Wisconsin, from 1980 to 1986. Shortly thereafter, Mr. Maier was a chief engineer for WPXT in Portland, Maine, from 1986 to 1988, where he designed original studio work and put them on the air for listeners to hear. Following this tenure, Mr. Maier served Fox News in 1991, where he participated in the task of building the network that became the Fox News as we recognize the media outlet today. After accruing several years of experience in the media industry, he founded his own production company, titled Clinchmedia Productions, in 2010. With Clinchmedia Productions, Mr. Maier excels as a producer and filmmaker in which he creates videos for a diverse clientele. Although his career has been filled with highlights, Mr. Maier is especially proud of putting various television stations on the air for viewers to tune in and listen, which he notes took a tremendous amount of work. In addition, he emphasizes that there have been significant changes in the media industry, as digital electronics only first debuted in the mid-1980s, which altered the trajectory of his life, profession and society as a whole. He was ultimately inspired by the forefathers of filmmaking, as well as various producers whom Mr. Maier had admired in the early stages of his career. Looking toward the future, Mr. Maier intends to experience the continued growth and success of his production company. He would like to begin making more commercials for his esteemed client base. Born on October 28, 1954 in Oak Park, Illinois, Mr. Maier currently resides in Jonesborough, Tennessee. MARK MAIER FILMMAKER Clinchmedia Productions Jonesborough, TN