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66 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine EDUCATION 16 fruitful years. Although his career has been filled with highlights, he is especially proud of his work with various groups of individuals in Yauri, Nigeria, through which he had received Fulbright research grants and others for 20 consecutive years. The author of the 1974 work, “Gods and Goods in Africa: Persistence and Change in Ethnic and Religious Identity in Yauri Emirate, North-Western State, Nigeria,” Dr. Salamone has achieved 119 academic publications, as well as 558 scholastic citations, among a myriad of other publication credits. He maintains professional membership with the American Anthropological Association, African Studies Association and Senior Anthropologists Association. Looking toward the future, Dr. Salamone intends to continue his research and writing ventures. Additionally, hewouldalso like to spend more time with his seven children, 11 grand‑ children and two great-grandchildren. Desiring to teach college students since his formative years, Dr. Frank A. Salamone first attended St. John Fisher College, where he achieved a Bachelor of Arts in 1961. Subsequently earning a Master of Arts in history from the University of Rochester in 1966, he then enrolled at SUNY Buffalo, obtaining a PhD in 1973. While pursuing his doctoral studies, past head of the American Anthropological Association, Dr. Charles Frantz, invited Dr. Salamone to study at SUNY Buffalo, thereby introducing Dr. Salamone to the academic sector. Dr. Salamone emphasizes that hewould not be in the position he is in today were it not for the mentorship of Dr. Frantz. He also credits Dr. Joe Cassagrande for his success, as he too served as a strong mentor for Dr. Salamone in his early years. For much of his career, Dr. Salamone served Iona College in Yonkers, New York, as an associate professor and then as a full professor, having also served the college as chairman of the sociology and anthropology program. He retired in 1993, attaining the rank of professor emeritus. Alongside this venture, he also excelled as an online professor for the University of Phoenix for FRANK A. SALAMONE, PHD PROFESSOR EMERITUS Iona College Rochester, NY