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68 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine EDUCATION Mary Spore Alhadef is a pronounced retired librarian and lifelong learner who retired in 2019 after more than 50 years of experience in the field of librarianship. As a native of Boston, she developed a profound interest in the bustling city’s history and, as her curiosity progressed, she desired to enter the field of academia. Upon attending Boston College in the 1960s, she worked in the college’s library, where she greatly enjoyed conversing with the local librarians and helping the library catalog books and help students. Upon earning a BS in 1965, she attended Peabody College, from which she attained an MLS in 1966. Upon graduating with her master’s degree, Ms. Spore Alhadef served as the assistant to the director of libraries at Boston College between 1966 and 1968 prior to becoming a librarian at the Weston College School of Theology at St. Patrick’s Seminary. Subsequently, she served as a reference librarian at the Graduate Theological Union Library in Berkeley, California, where between 1973 and 1976, she helped move the library’s book collection and archives into Cambridge, Massachusetts. In 1978, she joined the Redwood City Public Library, where she remained for the rest of her career. Joining the faculty as an audio-visual librarian until 2006, she then served as the general reference and history and archives librarian until her retirement in 2019. Demonstrating versatility in her profession, Ms. Spore Alhadef maintained membership with the American Theological Library Association between 1969 and 2019, and has been a board member of the Archives Committee of the Redwood City Public Library since 2019. Likewise, she has penned chapters in such books as “Redwood City: A Hometown History” and “150th Anniversary Book,” as well as published myriad papers. She has further given speeches within her areas of expertise and was interviewed by Korean Television in 2018. Ms. Spore Alhadef is especially proud of her ability to persevere and adapt to every situation that came about during her tenure as a librarian, and she is profoundly grateful to have leveraged her skills and passions to help others in their own professional journeys. Millennium Magazine Featured Listee MARY SPORE ALHADEF LIBRARIAN (RETIRED) Redwood City Public Library Palo Alto, CA