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93 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine ENTREPRENEURS Inspired by his parents to “Make a Better World,” Frank Crockett Ewing wanted to “do good” early in life. In 2001, he founded a project titled Better World Enterprises, a highlight of his life. Earlier, he studied photography and graduated with honors from the Germain School, and was hired by Bachrach Studios and published in The New York Times for years. He created two Ewing Photography studios. An entrepreneur, Mr. Ewing worked for himself and traveled to Stockholm, Sweden, via England, Scotland, and Norway. Looking for photography work, he was surprised to model and be seen on posters and newspapers. He returned to New York City, while also driving an taxicab. Additionally, he worked with Community Improvement Projects, where he learned how to rehabilitate properties. Mr. Ewing’s creative skills led to the Swedish-American Trade Council inviting him to Stockholm, later working for a major Swedish company. He approached the Hard Rock Café there and soon produced their worldwide “Love All-Serve All” products. Invited to Japan for his concepts, he was asked to be their American Executive Director. In New York City, he continued producing for the Hard Rock Café. This led to the development of products for themotion picture “Platoon,” major rock bands and others, while marketing energy-saving, eco-friendly products, whichWal-Mart placed in hundreds of stores. Traveling to 20 countries, Mr. Ewing knows about different cultures and the need for us all to strive for a Better World. On 9/11, he and his wife discussed a “Better World Project” idea. The events of that day led them to Tennessee, where he determined it was a good place to begin Better World Enterprises, LLC, providing good, reasonably-priced homes, fostering healthy, affordable lifestyles, and providing a “hand-up in life.” Within two years, it became a multi-million-dollar project. A pilot, Mr. Ewing is a second lieutenant in the Air Force Civil Air Patrol. He also maintains his Black-Belt in the martial arts, as does his family, and has or had memberships in the Better World Society, Professional Photographers of America, the Wilderness Society, the Aircraft Owners and Pilot Association, and the ATA Martial Arts. FRANK CROCKETT EWING FOUNDER Better World Enterprises, LLC Jackson, TN