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95 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine At the inception of her career, Julia Harrianan worked for Cosmetic Concept for 10 years while her husband, Bhim, worked in the shelving industry. Determined to pursue his own ventures, Ms. Harrianan’s husband established his own company that initially began with zero employees. As such, Ms. Harrianan often took time off from Cosmetic Concept to help her husband. As time progressed, she and her husband hired employees and began manufacturing shelving units and, years later, bought out her husband’s former employer’s company. During this time, Ms. Harrianan decided to delve into the shelving profession on a full-time basis. Since 2001, she has excelled as the vice president of RTI Shelving Systems. Although her career has been filled with highlights, Ms. Harrianan is especially proud of the work she has conducted over the past 20 years and notes that her job as vice president is fulfilling. She emphasizes that the most important aspect of her job is customer satisfaction; RTI Shelving Systems stands by their products, which is exemplified by their outstanding service. To wit, the company has completed work for several museums in the New York City area, including the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum. Looking toward the future, Ms. Harrianan intends to expand the business internationally, as she and the business have already begun installing work for the clothing line Zara in North America. Notably, Louis Vuitton has also expressed interest in attaining their services. Ms. Harrianan attributes her success to her commitment and dedication to the job. Believing that failure is not an option, she also credits her wonderful support system and team of employees. Stating that she hails from a family of entrepreneurs who owned their own stores in her native Trinidad, she has since leveraged that entrepreneurial spirit and applies it to her current work. She would like to thank her uncle, Vishnu Charran, for that opportunity. Outside of her primary work endeavors, she enjoys donating to various charitable organizations. In her spare time, she enjoys gardening. JULIA HARRIANAN VICE PRESIDENT RTI Shelving Systems Elmhurst, NY ENTREPRENEURS