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56 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine Kathy Lynn Cedoz was inspired to enter the field of education by her mother, who was a first-grade teacher for more than 35 years. Her mother often involved the young Ms. Cedoz in her art lessons, and, over time, Ms. Cedoz began to enjoy learning various subjects in school. In 1971, she received a Bachelor of Arts from National Louis University (formerly known as the National College of Education), having thereafter received a Master of Arts from the same academic institution in 1972. An expert in elementary education and a well-regarded educator, Ms. Cedoz taught at McKenzie Elementary School for a resounding 39 years until her retirement. Although her career has been suffused with highlights, she is especially proud of witnessing her former students return to the elementary school to visit and seeing howmuch those students have grown and succeeded in their lives. Remaining in touch with quite a few of her former students, Ms. Cedoz notes that two of her students graduated college and came back to McKenzie Elementary School to teach. She has also been immensely proud of collaborating with other teachers in the art and music departments. Ms. Cedoz attributes her success to the support of her fellow staff members, as well as the support of her students’ parents. Outside of her professional endeavors, she frequently donates food and sponsors civilians who are living in homeless shelters on a monthly basis. Additionally, she was afforded an opportunity to take an honorary flight to Washington, D.C., to visit World War II veterans, as her father and uncles served during World War II. Ms. Cedoz exclaims that seeing the veterans in Washington was a heartwarming and educational opportunity. Nominated for Who’s Who in Teaching in light of her educational prowess, Ms. Cedoz enjoys watching football in her spare time. Looking forward, she intends to continue enjoying her retirement. She has lived and worked by the motto, “Pay it forward.” KATHY LYNN CEDOZ ELEMENTARY SCHOOL TEACHER (RETIRED) McKenzie Elementary School Mount Prospect, IL EDUCATION Millennium Magazine Featured Listee