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Important Dates in History 1898 The Stonewall Riots, considered the birth of the gay rights movement, begins on June 28, 1969 in Greenwich Village, New York. Charles Lindbergh’s son is abducted on March 1, 1982. Referred to as one of the “trials of the century,” the crime made transporting a kidnapping victim across state lines a federal crime. Albert Nelson Marquis establishes Marquis Who’s Who in 1898. 1932 1969

American business executive Dennis Tito becomes the first “space tourist” in 2001, spending six days aboard the Russian Soyuz spacecraft. 2001 Aretha Franklin, the “Queen of Soul,” is inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame on January 3, 1987, becoming the first female inductee. 1987 The viral disease monkeypox is declared a public health emergency of international concern by WHO on July 23, 2022. 2022

4 Table of Contents 54 Five Ways to Use Brand Relatability Brand relatability is essential because it helps a brand create powerful messaging and marketing campaigns. How can you use the concept of brand relatability in your marketing? 8 Worldwide Biographies Meet our listees, distinguished professionals from around the world who have dedicated their lives to providing monumental services across all industries. 7 Editor’s Letter An introduction to the eleventh edition of Millennium Magazine, a reflection of our prestigious listees whose perseverance has garnered inspiration worldwide.

5 105 Four Ways Volunteering Can Enhance Your Professional Life Volunteering is beneficial for not only your community but your professional life, as well. Herein, peruse four ways volunteering can enhance your professional life. 254 Are You Saving for Retirement Correctly? Roth IRAs and 401(k)s are both tax-advantaged accounts that help individuals save for retirement. Listed herein are details about the accounts that make a difference in your quality of life in retirement. 233 How to Realize and Grow Your Leadership Potential Many individuals have leadership potential regardless of status. If you are thinking about ways to maximize your leadership potential, here are ways to help identify and grow your leadership skills.

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Pondering the present state of the world may serve to activate complex emotions. As we confront transitioning economic, political and social affairs, we can face feelings of ineptitude and even insignificance as we consider the larger picture. In our quest to contend with such issues, it is natural to encounter situations in which we hold ourselves to unattainable standards — leading to more questions than answers. However, if we take the time to reorient and focus on our individual and professional strengths, we can navigate the enormity of these pressing matters and identify ways to contribute meaningfully, make a difference in the lives of our peers, and discover a sense of fulfillment. This focus can lead to organic ripple effects, which we can leverage to assist others on a grand scale. When we help to aid one person, it can spark a chain reaction of charity that leads from one community to the next. Our feelings of inadequacy are inevitably diminished as we come to realize that society can be dramatically changed with one selfless step. Marquis Who’s Who listees grasp this point with intuitive understanding and thus, persevere in their respective industries – whether in the creative arts, medicine, science and technology, academia, law and law enforcement, military service or humanitarianism. We trust that this inspiration can be lifted from the listees featured in the 11th issue of Millennium Magazine. Their examples of resilience, tenacity and diligence demonstrate the pillars of strength that have allowed them to overcome adversity. While you thumb through this edition, we encourage you to remind yourself of the consequential sequences small acts of kindness can ignite. Together, we can transform the world. With warm regards for continued success, Lisa Diamond Senior Editor, Millennium Magazine EDITOR’S LETTER MILLENNIUM Millennium Magazine is published by Marquis Who’s Who Ventures LLC 350 RXR Plaza, Uniondale, NY 11556 All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means – including, but not limited to, electronic, photocopying, recording or otherwise – or used for any commercial purpose whatsoever without the prior written permission of the publisher and, if the publisher deems necessary, execution of a formal license agreement with the publisher. Manufactured in the United States of America. ISSN 2577-7009 (Print) ISSN 2577-6991 (Online) Chief Executive Officer Erica Lee Chief Marketing Officer Kristine McCarthy Executive Vice President, HR and Organizational Development Deborah A. Morrissey Director of Recruitment Fran Bardio Director, Print Production John Sartoris Director, Editorial Services Renée Dutcher-Pryer Technical Administrator, Editorial Charles Varriale Director, Compliance and Quality Assurance Iris Cannetti Director, Branding Services Nikki Masih Director, Sales and Training Michael Swinarski Senior Editor Lisa Diamond Staff Writer Matt Attanasio Senior Graphic Designer Carlton Ramsey

8 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine ARCHITECTURE, CONSTRUCTION AND REAL ESTATE Inspired by his brother-in-law, who was a top producer at one of the largest residential roofing companies in the State of Illinois, Jay Andreas decided to delve into the same industry. In January of 2019, he established ASI Construction, where he has since served as the chief executive officer. Mr. Andreas chose the specialty of roofing in light of the extensive storm damage he witnesses in the region. ASI Construction is an insurance-based roofing business. As such, he and his company are experts in remedying home damage in light of severe storms. Earlier in his career, Mr. Andreas was a director for record labels and was involved in global sales. He draws upon an associate degree from Columbia College, which he received in 2008. Equipped with an unlimited roofing license and recognized as a licensed public adjustor, Mr. Andreas also contributes actively to his community as a donor for various nonprofit and charitable organizations. Furthermore, he has maintained membership with the Better Business Bureau. Mr. Andreas attributes his success to his wonderful team, as well as his own affinity for being the eyes and ears of ASI Construction. Likewise, he is a lifelong learner and advises that individuals should be sponges, soaking up all information around them, particularly from other individuals and mentors from whom they can learn. As a testament to his success in the field, Mr. Andreas won the Balance Claims Partner Award in 2019. Additionally, he was named a Top Producer in the Country for Third Party Supplements and was honored with a Safety Award for Excellence from the National Association of Home Builders. Although his career has been filled with highlights, Mr. Andreas is especially proud of his ability to grow a seven-figure company into eightfigure and some nine-figure opportunities. Looking toward the future, he would like to grow ASI Construction exponentially and witness the continued success of his own career. Millennium Magazine Featured Listee JAY ANDREAS CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER ASI Construction Burr Ridge, IL

9 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine ARCHITECTURE, CONSTRUCTION AND REAL ESTATE When he was involved in the United States Army, Joseph G. Atkinson frequently relocated to various areas across the nation. During this time, he developed an innate interest in helping military veterans, particularly with respect to housing and development. Spending 13 fruitful years in the Army, Mr. Atkinson would purchase ailing houses, renovate them, and then either rent out the house or sell it to buyers. Although he initially entered the industry in 2003, he has devoted his time fully to his company, Bossco Property Solutions, since 2017, where he serves as president. Bossco Property Solutions is a residential investment company. Alongside this endeavor, Mr. Atkinson also excels as the president of Norse Contracting, located in San Antonio. With this business, he notably provides housing options for military veterans, where they have the opportunity to reside for 18 to 48 months. Recently, he has hired 37 subcontractors for Norse Contracting, all of whom are veterans. Currently, Mr. Atkinson is working on building more transitional housing for the veteran population who have nowhere to live. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Mr. Atkinson notes that materials for renovating houses have increased dramatically in price. Therefore, it is his responsibility to remain abreast of changes in the field and act accordingly. Mr. Atkinson draws upon a BS in health science studies, exercise, physiology and sports nutrition from Boise State University, which he acquired in 2007. A member of the National and Metro Real Estate Investors Associations, he intends to expand his businesses to at least 11 additional U.S. states in the forthcoming future. By 2026, he would like to build facilities outside of major military posts to help veterans who are transitioning from military service to a civilian lifestyle. Outside of his primary endeavors, Mr. Atkinson enjoys participating in triathlons and would eventually like to compete in the Ironman Competition in Hawaii in 2022. Married with three sons, he attributes his immense success to his drive to make the world a better place. JOSEPH G. ATKINSON PRESIDENT Bossco Property Solutions, Norse Contracting San Antonio, TX Millennium Magazine Featured Listee

10 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine ARCHITECTURE, CONSTRUCTION AND REAL ESTATE cooking classes, as well as educating the homeless population in aspects of art. He also donates money to the homeless population for civil service. Formerly attending the Institute for Spiritual Formation in Washington, D.C., Mr. Bickford notes that he feels blessed to enjoy his time on Earth through God, as well as experience all of life’s joys through his wife, Blair, and four sons: James, Christopher, Nathan and David. He also has one grandson, Dylan. Maintaining affiliation with the National Association of Homebuilders, the Christ and St. Luke Episcopal Church, and the Diocese of Southern Virginia, where he has sat on their standing committee, Mr. Bickford is a past president of his local chapter of Outer Banks. Looking toward the future, he intends to experience the continued growth and success of his real estate career. He attributes his immense success to his perseverance through struggle and ability to never give up. Supported by nearly five decades of expertise in diversified areas such as military operations, engineering and real estate, James VanAllen Bickford III has excelled as a real estate developer for Midlantic Builders LLC since 1970. In this prominent role, he nurses ailing properties back to standardized value, sells those properties and finds other properties to which he can apply his expertise. He is a certified property manager in the States of North Carolina and Virginia. Earlier in his career, Mr. Bickford attended the Virginia Military Institute, from whom he received a Bachelor of Science in engineering in 1961. Subsequently, he worked at the Langley Research Center, affiliated with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), with their Mercury Program for several years. Thereafter, Mr. Bickford entered the United States Army as an engineer in the 82nd Airborne Unit from 1963 to 1965. Holding a master’s degree in city planning from the University of North Carolina as well, Mr. Bickford spends his spare time teaching JAMES VANALLEN BICKFORD III REAL ESTATE DEVELOPER Midlantic Builders LLC Norfolk, VA

11 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine ARCHITECTURE, CONSTRUCTION AND REAL ESTATE not well-versed in the aspects of homebuying and selling. Shortly thereafter, she decided to delve into the realm of real estate and became an agent for Century 21 in 1988. Spending her first few months at the prestigious company in training, Ms. Bierowicz also surrounded herself with esteemed professionals, who acted as guides and mentors. After two years with Century 21, Ms. Bierowicz became a top agent in her office, having quickly assimilated to both American culture and the culture surrounding homebuying and selling. Equipped with her passion for helping others, she was subsequently approached by RE/MAX, which is often considered the premier real estate company in the industry. She joined RE/ MAX of Naperville in Illinois in 1992, where she remains today as a real estate broker. Over the course of the 30 years that she has been with RE/ MAX, she received the Diamond Award as well as inducted into the RE/MAX Hall of Fame, which placed her in the Top 3% of Agents Nationwide based upon diligence, work achievements and accomplishments. She considers being profiled in the Hall of Fame to be a highlight of her career. Outside of her primary post, Ms. Bierowicz is a member for the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (more commonly known as the ASPCA) and the Children’s Miracle Network. Additionally, she has served as a builders’ liaison. Fluent in four different languages, she previously attended college to learn to teach English as a Second Language, leveraging her innate desire to be of assistance to others. Throughout her career, Ms. Bierowicz has been dedicated to making sure that her clients are reassured in their decision making. Distinguished from her peers considering her credentials and glowing referrals, she has retained clients from across the country. Immigrating to the United States from Poland in 1979, Bogusia Bierowicz sought to purchase a house, having been a firsttime homebuyer upon her arrival to America. Experiencing much confusion and distress from the homebuying process, she wondered how she could make the process easier for individuals such as herself who were BOGUSIA BIEROWICZ BROKER RE/MAX of Naperville Naperville, IL

12 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine ARCHITECTURE, CONSTRUCTION AND REAL ESTATE With expertise in both electrical engineering and real estate, Mario M. Correa Sr. first served as an electrical engineer for the U.S. Army and the U.S. Department of Defense for more than 30 years. During his tenure with the military and government, he tested many of the Army’s missile systems, as well as oversaw communications systems within the governmental body. In 2005, he retired as the director of information systems operations at White Sands Missile Range. Desiring to further his knowledge and branch out into a different career path, Mr. Correa became a realtor for Options Realty in El Paso, Texas, in which he specializes in remodeling homes and preparing them for sales. In light of his military and government service, Mr. Correa has been honored a myriad of times over the decades. He received a Meritorious Service Medal, an Outstanding Support Award from America’s Service Range and two Achievement Medals from the Department of Defense. Driven by the motto, “Nothing comes easy; you have to work for it,” Mr. Correa was recognized by Marquis Who’s Who in 2021 for his esteemed accomplishments in his dual fields. To prepare for his illustrious career, Mr. Correa pursued a formal education at the University of Texas at El Paso, where he earned a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering in 1969. The recipient of an additional certificate through the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (more widely known as the IEEE), he has also maintained membership with the National Association of Realtors and the Greater El Paso Association of Realtors. Further, he is a member of his local chapter of the Knights of Columbus Council 11926 and the 4th Degree Cristo Rey Assembly, where he was recognized as a former Master of the 4th Degree for the 5th District of Texas. He considers his time spent with the Knights of Columbus and the Department of Defense to be ultimate highlights of his career. Civically, he volunteers with various food banks in the area and his church. Looking forward, Mr. Correa intends to spend more time with his five grandchildren. MARIO M. CORREA SR. REALTOR Options Realty El Paso, TX

13 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine ARCHITECTURE, CONSTRUCTION AND REAL ESTATE Leveraging his military experience to take charge of professional services throughout his life, Hakim Abdul Haqq served in the United States Marine Corps from 1964 to 1966. During this time, he was trained in guerilla warfare and was stationed in Vietnam. During battle, Mr. Haqq was wounded and was eventually honorably discharged with a Purple Heart. Following his military tenure, he served in the railroad industry for numerous years, including as an elevator mechanic for United Technologies and a switchman, conductor, engineer and distributive power engineer for P&W Railroad and Union Pacific Railroad. For 20 additional years, Mr. Haqq served with the United States Post Office. Since 2019, Mr. Haqq has excelled as the chief executive officer of HAH International Real Estate Enterprises LLC. After retiring from the field of railroad and government work, he sought to pursue a new, exciting venture. Settling into the field of real estate, he has since thrived in the industry. Looking toward the future of his career with HAH International Real Estate Enterprises, he intends to accumulate more properties and play a greater role in helping individuals achieve their goals of buying and selling homes. He attributes much of his success to the grace of God, as well as his longstanding military training that he has utilized to prosper in his current vocational endeavors. He notes that he has never forfeited in the face of struggle and has always taken charge of his own path. Mr. Haqq is a native of Yazoo City, Mississippi, and was born on April 23, 1946. He currently resides in Bolingbrook, Illinois. Married to his wife Charlene for nearly 40 years, he is the proud father of nine children. In addition, he has 15 grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren. In light of his service with the United States Marine Corps, Mr. Haqq is in the process of establishing a nonprofit organization. He lives and works by the motto, “Do for oneself.” Millennium Magazine Featured Listee HAKIM ABDUL HAQQ CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER HAH International Real Estate Enterprises LLC Bolingbrook, IL

14 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine ARCHITECTURE, CONSTRUCTION AND REAL ESTATE 14, while baby sitting and mowing lawns. Her mother then invested her earnings into an investment account. By the time she was 20 years old, Ms. Hitt had accumulated enough funds to afford a down payment to purchase her own home, becoming a homeowner for the first time. As a testament to her success, Ms. Hitt has received a myriad of accolades. Named among the Top Five Individual Agents in 2021, she was also recognized among the Top 10 Agents in the RE/MAX Central Atlantic Region from 2017 to 2021 and the #1 Individual Top Producer for her office between 2013 and 2020. Additionally, she was named a Five Star Real Estate Agent from 2015 to 2021, received the Greater Capital Area Association of Realtors (GCAAR) Gold Award in 2021 and 2022, and was named among RE/MAX Top 100 Maryland Agents in 2021 and Washingtonian Top and Best Realtors between 2015 and 2022. A native of Argentina, Ellie Hitt immigrated to the United States with her parents when she was only 10 years old. Always demonstrating a persevering attitude, she attended a local county college and, simultaneously, worked as a receptionist at a chiropractic office. During her tenure with the medical office, her colleagues inquired about her obtaining a chiropractic assistant license and remain with the office, postcollege. Shortly thereafter, Ms. Hitt attained her chiropractic assistance license and served as a chiropractic assistant and office manager with this practice between 1998 and 2003. As time progressed, Ms. Hitt recognized the importance of the American dream and desired to help others achieve their dreams of becoming homeowners. She subsequently delved into the field of real estate and has been serving in the industry for nearly 20 years. She attributes her immense success to the relationships she has cultivated with her clients throughout her career. Ms. Hitt recalls having learned about financial independence from her mother at an early age. Sh joined the workforce at the young age of ELLIE HITT REALTOR RE/MAX Realty Group Gaithersburg, MD

15 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine ARCHITECTURE, CONSTRUCTION AND REAL ESTATE was trained corporately in real estate systems, efficiencies and franchising. In this capacity, he fostered proactive relationships with CENTURY 21 franchisees and networked to identify growth opportunities. Mr. Kelly also worked with GMAC Home Services as a regional director, where he maintained responsibility for the recruitment and training of top-tier non-branded GMAC real estate companies to an affiliate program that handled relocation business. Mr. Kelly has excelled as the managing broker and owner of The Real Estate Store, Inc., since 2009. He has implemented systems and efficiencies to position the realtors at his company for success. He is responsible for training, coaching and business operations within the company while staying abreast of local, state and national real estate trends. Additionally, Mr. Kelly is the founder of, a website designed to organize how the real estate industry promotes its products and services. He says, “It’s a tool to help realtors be more productive and maintain front-of-mind awareness with their customers. It provides valuable information they, and the public, need regarding local service providers.” An expert in his field, Mr. Kelly is a licensed broker in Florida and New York. He holds a Bachelor of Science in organizational management from Nyack College and aligns himself with the Regional MLS, National Association of Realtors, and several mastermind groups to remain aware of changes in the industry. For his professional excellence, Mr. Kelly won the 5-Star Award on nine occasions and was featured as a market leader in Forbes in 2021. Looking forward, Mr. Kelly would like to experience the continued growth of his career, as well as cultivate the growing social presence of He is grateful for all the entrepreneurs, business leaders and friends who continue to coach him to excel. A corporate-trained, seasoned real estate professional with decades of experience, the career of Bill Kelly began in the small town of Hampton Bays, located on Long Island, New York, where he worked for A.G.C. Realty, a small boutique real estate office. Before the turn of the millennium, he was offered a management role at CENTURY 21 Real Estate Corporation and BILL KELLY MANAGING BROKER, OWNER The Real Estate Store, Inc. Lakewood Ranch, FL

16 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine ARCHITECTURE, CONSTRUCTION AND REAL ESTATE the needs of every customer who contacts them for services. In light of the business’ exceptional dedication to quality, most of their business stems from repeat customers and referrals. Cornerstone Construction Group custom designs every job to meet the clients’ needs via virtual walk-throughs for over 25 years, among other services. For more information, visit Mr. Knoeller is especially proud of designing every job by listening to the clients’ needs and, through his work, he was afforded opportunities to learn every aspect of building, whether residential or commercial. Mr. Knoeller’s wife, Bridgett, also assists with the business by providing interior design with options regarding colors of walls, tiles, rugs and other products. The proud father of five children, Mr. Knoeller also has 12 grandchildren. He thanks Jesus Christ for the many gifts and talents, as well as his beautiful family, that He has provided. Hailing from a hard-working family, John Knoeller was inspired by his grandfather, August Annicchiarico, who was the owner of his own masonry business. Likewise, Mr. Knoeller’s uncle, Nick Sita, was a general foreman who brought him on jobs during the summers. Beginning at the age of 12, the young Mr. Knoeller spent his spare time pouring concrete and helping his family in high-rise apartment building renovations. Upon turning 18 years old, he decided to pursue his own venture and learn every aspect of building from design to installation. He notes that his passion for the field of construction has been ingrained since the seventh grade, where he completed mechanical drafting alongside his regular academic studies. This furthered his passion for all types of construction. Now drawing upon over 40 years in the construction business, Mr. Knoeller has excelled as the chief executive officer of the Cornerstone Construction Group since 1981. Imbedded with the belief that a customer’s needs are of the utmost importance, the team at Cornerstone Construction Group remains committed to meet JOHN KNOELLER CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER Cornerstone Construction Group Greenwood, DE

17 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine ARCHITECTURE, CONSTRUCTION AND REAL ESTATE As an immigrant from Vietnam, Shawn Luong has possessed a strong drive for success since he was in his early 20s. At the inception of his career, he worked for various companies until his wife, Jessica, encouraged him to branch out and become his own boss. Realizing that he could be more successful working for himself as opposed to working for others, he established S.H. Spectrum, Inc., in 1991, where he remains today as president. Since establishing his business, he has been actively involved in the area of real estate and also has served as an REO broker for Century 21 since 2003. Earlier in his career, Mr. Luong served as vice president for sales engineering and business development at Auriq Systems from 2000 to 2002 and managing director and vice chairman of the board at SELCO Vietnam from 1997 to 2000. A licensed real estate broker in the State of California, he is also a qualified court receiver as a member of the Ventura County Superior Court Panel of Economic Experts. Likewise, he is a designated real estate broker to the public guardian of San Bernardino County. Maintaining affiliation with the California Association of Realtors and the Asian American Real Estate Association, Mr. Luong is also a member of Phi Kappa Phi. He notes that his work in real estate has been quite rewarding, and he feels fulfilled when he recalls opening his own company, which has provided him with immense freedom. Mr. Luong holds a Bachelor of Science in computer engineering from 1982 and a Master of Science in telecommunication in 1984, both from California State University, Los Angeles. Looking toward the future, he intends to experience the continued growth and success of his career. Married to his wife, Jessica, for more than 37 years, he has two adult children, Howard and Kevin. He currently resides in West Covina, California. Millennium Magazine Featured Listee SHAWN LUONG PRESIDENT S.H. Spectrum, Inc. West Covina, CA

18 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine ARCHITECTURE, CONSTRUCTION AND REAL ESTATE executive for the software division of IBM from 1997 to 2000. Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, he excelled as a financial analyst for General Electric. For nearly 20 years, Mr. Sanak has been a licensed realtor in California. He draws upon coursework in music education and a BA in criminal justice and political science from Michigan State University, where he also played the alto saxophone in the SpartanMarching Band. He attributes his success to the discipline and focus he cultivated while in the marching band. Mr. Sanak has earned 109 sales production awards. In 2021, he was ranked the #11 Sales Consultant for the month of July by Harcourts USA, having previously been listed in Real Estate Visionaries of Palm Springs by Modern Luxury Palm Springs Magazine and Real Estate Visionaries of San Diego by Modern Luxury San Diego Magazine, both in 2020. He was further recognized among the Top 200 Realtors in Palm Springs by Palm Springs Life Magazine in 2019. Since 2015, James Stanley Sanak has served as the principal owner and realtor with Harcourts Desert Homes in Palm Springs, California. Established with his husband, Scott Palermo, the brokerage firm is notable for its hand selection of agents, as Mr. Sanak and his husband carefully choose which agents they deem best suited for the firm. Mentoring and coaching each agent on a weekly basis, Mr. Sanak and his husband feel fortunate to be surrounded by a terrific, awardwinning group of agents who also serve as beacons of inspiration to the next generation. In 2020, the firm sold a home at Bighorn Golf Club, one of the most prestigious country clubs across the nation. Additionally, in 2021, the firm sold a 15,000-square foot home at the Vintage Club, the most exclusive country club in Coachella Valley. Earlier, Mr. Sanak served as a realtor and premier director for Windermere Real Estate from 2009 to 2015 and realtor for Prudential California Realty from 2003 to 2009. Previously involved in the automobile and financial sectors, he was a client executive for Toyota Motor Sales USA through IBM from 2000 to 2003 and a sales JAMES STANLEY SANAK PRINCIPAL OWNER, REALTOR Harcourts Desert Homes Palm Springs, CA

19 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine ARCHITECTURE, CONSTRUCTION AND REAL ESTATE Initially interested in finance, particularly in urban area projects, G. Bradford Saunders received a Bachelor of Arts in real estate and finance from the Haas School of Business at the University of California Berkeley in 1975. At the inception of his career, he pursued governmental projects that were available within urban regions. Now accruing more than 40 years of experience in real estate, he has excelled as the president and chief executive officer of BriceHouse, Inc., in San Diego since 1998. In his executive-level roles, Mr. Saunders maintains involvement in all aspects of real estate development, oversees a team that establishes forward planning and is dedicated to increasing outdoor advertising throughout San Diego. Mr. Saunders notes that they were the first to use a specific type of financing to put together projects in collaboration with several municipalities. Over the course of his career, Mr. Saunders has developed a keen expertise in public-private partnership. One such partnership included the City of San Diego, in which he and his team built a police headquarters in conjunction with individuals responsible for light rail transit and bus systems. Currently, Mr. Saunders holds a contract with the local transit agency to install retail kiosks at stations to serve the public. He attributes his immense success to his diligent work ethic, as well as a little bit of luck. To remain abreast of developments in the field of real estate, Mr. Saunders is a member of Lambda Alpha, a professional real estate fraternity. As a testament to his success and efforts in the industry, he was honored with the Building of the Year Award from the Urban Land Institute. Looking toward the future of BriceHouse, Inc., as well as his own career, Mr. Saunders intends to continue involving himself in the real estate development industry. He would also like to proliferate the growth and development of BriceHouse, Inc. Millennium Magazine Featured Listee G. BRADFORD SAUNDERS PRESIDENT, CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER BriceHouse, Inc. San Diego, CA

20 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine ARCHITECTURE, CONSTRUCTION AND REAL ESTATE titled “Bugging a Bug.” Since writing her books, Mrs. Sykes has received a myriad of accolades for her writing prowess and mission. In light of her outstanding contributions to the construction industry and methodologies of teaching for emerging female entrepreneurs and construction workers, Mrs. Sykes was recognized as a Female Leader in Construction by “Construction Dive” in March of 2021. She notes that only 59 women out of 800 nominated women were chosen for the award across the nation. Additionally, Mrs. Sykes earned the Black Female Leader in Construction Award. Despite her lauded accolades, however, she is especially proud of giving back to the young women community who endeavor to enter the construction industry. Looking toward the future, Mrs. Sykes aims to continue witnessing the growth and success of her career. She is married to her husband Robi Sykes and has three daughters and one son. Since 2020, Juanakee C. Sykes has excelled as the executive director of Black Girls Build, Inc., in Illinois. While spending 10 years as a commercial and residential carpenter for 90 Degree Construction LLC – a company she had established with her husband – Mrs. Sykes was encountered with significant gender bias and discrimination for being a woman in a male-oriented industry. Drawing upon these experiences, she desired to create avenues in which she could teach construction skills and principles to women and young girls to combat against gender discrimination in the workforce. As such, Black Girls Buildwas established, and it now specializes in teaching women the fundamentals of carpentry, floor laying, painting, plumbing, heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Earlier inher career, Mrs. Sykes served as a nurse for 12 years, ending her career with the pressures of being an oncology nurse. Demonstrating versatility in her profession, she has also published a memoir, titled “My A.R.R.A.: Growing into Me,” which received the C.I.P.A. EVVY Award. She also authored a beginning readers children’s book, JUANAKEE C. SYKES EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, CARPENTER Black Girls Build, Inc. Belleville, IL

21 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine ARCHITECTURE, CONSTRUCTION AND REAL ESTATE drywall ceiling services and exterior framing, Built on the Rock Industries prides itself on its ability to work closely with its clients to achieve optimal and sustainable development. To date, they have completed more than 600 projects with 70 field workers and eight office staff members. Mr. Tejeda notes that his vision to develop his business came from a place of faith during his rediscovery of God in 2004. A former construction company worker, he was inspired by the Word of the Lord and sought to found his own business in an effort to help others. Alongside his primary pursuits in the construction industry, he is also a minister and educator at his own established church, titled Ministerios Exodus. Built in 2009, Mr. Tejeda’s church exemplifies the power of God and is maintained by Mr. Tejeda and his brothers. Earlier in his career, Mr. Tejeda served as director of Tejeda Investments LLC and was an accomplished pastor for 12 years. He is also an OSHA-certified safety trainer through The University of Texas at Arlington, where he completed both 10- and 30-hour safety training courses. In light of his achievements with Built on the Rock Industries, Mr. Tejeda was the recipient of the Round Rock Business Award in 2015. Looking toward the future, he intends to expand the reach of his business and open new branches of Built on the Rock Industries in San Antonio, Houston and Dallas. Married to his wife of many years, Mr. Tejeda is the proud father of nine children and a doting grandfather of three grandchildren. He is exceptionally proud of his family and hopes to leave a lasting legacy. F ounded in 2006, Built on the Rock Industries, LLC, was established by Raunel Tejeda in Round Rock, Texas. Over the course of more than 15 years, the business has specialized in commercial construction management services, including studs and drywall. Also offering building construction, interior demolition, RAUNEL TEJEDA PRESIDENT Built on the Rock Industries, LLC Round Rock, TX

22 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine ARCHITECTURE, CONSTRUCTION AND REAL ESTATE After receiving a BS in education from New York University, Hollis Borteck served as a fifth grade teacher for the Needham School District from 1965 to 1970. During this time, she studied toward an MA in counseling at Boston University, receiving her master’s degree in 1970. Excelling as a college counselor for a number of years, she soon took an interest in real estate in light of her husband’s work as a contract attorney. She became a licensed associate broker in 1987 and, that same year, became an associate broker for Julia B. Fee Realty. Ms. Borteck thrived in her position for 20 years until 2007. Since 2011, she has served in the same capacity for Houlihan Lawrence. She continues to take real estate courses in areas of new construction, ethics, fair housing and building green. Ms. Borteck is especially proud of the close friendships she has cultivated through her real estate work. The recipient of a myriad of Platinum Awards from 2005 to 2013, she also received several Silver Awards from the Westchester County Board of Realtors from 2014 to 2016. ASSOCIATE BROKER Houlihan Lawrence Scarsdale, NY Inspired by his grandmother, who was the first president of the MLS Board of Realtors in Huntsville, and following his parents’ footsteps, John Wesley Brooks delved into real estate. After earning a bachelor’s degree in marketing, advertising and business management from the University of South Alabama in 2003, he served as a real estate agent with his parents at his family company, Landmark Realty Center, for six years. Thereafter, he was vice president of sales and marketing for Sunshine Aerospace from 2010 to 2012. Mr. Brooks has served as a realtor and property manager for Coldwell Banker of the Valley since 2009, as well as a real estate investor since 2018. He is certified as an international luxury home and relocation specialist. Additionally, Mr. Brooks has been a senior auctioneer for Roebuck Auctions since 2010. Civically, he has volunteered with the Huntsville DreamCenter, among other organizations, and raised funds for various private schools, overseas charities and the homeless population. Mr. Brooks was named a Top Agent by Top Agent Magazine in 2020, having that same year also been ranked #8 for Transactions in the State of Alabama and the #4 Realtor in North Alabama. REALTOR, REAL ESTATE INVESTOR, PROPERTY MANAGER Coldwell Banker of the Valley Huntsville, AL JOHN WESLEY BROOKS HOLLIS BORTECK

23 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine ARCHITECTURE, CONSTRUCTION AND REAL ESTATE Millennium Magazine Featured Listee PRESIDENT, PARTNER Missouri River Contractors LLC Helena, MT ACQUISITIONS MANAGER Real Solutions Real Estate LLC Grand Island, FL STEVEN R. BURCH Managing projects since he was a teenager working with his father, who was an excavation contractor, Steven R. Burch developed an innate interest in the profession. First pursuing coursework in engineering at St. Clair County Community College, he worked for a number of construction and contracting firms before becoming the president and partner of Missouri River Contractors LLC in Helena, Montana, in 2016. During his tenure with Missouri River Contractors, Mr. Burch has helped bring the company from $4.5 million in 2016 to approximately $33 million in 2021. Alongside this endeavor, Mr. Burch has also owned Burch Industrial Services since 2007. Outside of his primary ventures, Mr. Burch has volunteered at the Yellowstone Institute, Montana Wild and an animal rehabilitation center and maintains affiliation with his local Chamber of Commerce. For his expertise, he was featured in “Construction Equipment Guide,” a well-regarded trade publication. In light of his achievements, he considers a highlight of his career to be the highway projects on which he worked. Looking forward, he intends to expand Missouri River Contractors to more locations across Montana. Delving into the real estate industry upon his realization that the field afforded him opportunities to spend time with his family, Mario Di Marco also wanted to help others in the buying and selling of their homes. Attributing his success to the advice and encouragement of a mentor and his own open-minded nature, Mr. Di Marco has excelled as an acquisitions manager for Real Solutions Real Estate LLC in Grand Island, Florida, since 2015. He has also co-owned a martial arts studio for over 20 years, which was recognized as the Best Martial Arts Dojo of 2021 in Eustis, Florida. Maintaining affiliation with the Better Business Bureau, Mr. Di Marco was influenced by his family members, including his parents, his wife Chelsea, and his children Cora and Silas. He advises future real estate professionals to remain honest in transactions, demonstrate integrity, persevere in the face of struggle and always continue learning. Although his career has been filled with highlights, he is especially proud of being a father. Looking forward, he intends to travel with his family. Particularly, he would like to buy a sailboat and spend time sailing the ocean. MARIO DI MARCO

24 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine ARCHITECTURE, CONSTRUCTION AND REAL ESTATE Early on, Lakina Fulks was encouraged to delve into real estate while working for a property management company. While being asked to show clients properties, the company recognized her talent in interacting with clients. Now a certified real estate and negotiation expert and a designated seller representative specialist, Ms. Fulks has excelled as a realtor in the Metropolitan Detroit area of Michigan since 2010. Alongside this pursuit, she is also the founder of The Treasure Within, a girl’s empowerment program, and the vice president of The Lost and Found Christian Association. Notably, Ms. Fulks is a best-selling writer, having co-authored “Dreamer on the Rise” and authored “Why: A Young Girl’s Search for the Truth,” which was published in 2019. She holds a bachelor’s degree in business and a master’s degree in social justice, both from Marygrove College. Amotivational speaker in her spare time, Ms. Fulks was recently recognized with the Hidden Gem Award for The Treasure Within in 2021. Previously, she was interviewed in K.I.S.H. Magazine for her real estate, educational and writing prowess. Looking forward, she intends to continue working on housing programs for her local community. REALTOR Lake Orion, MI A real estate professional, Corey Hasting has excelled as the owner and broker of Engel & Völkers Jacksonville since 2018. Drawn to the field of real estate by his mother, a broker, Mr. Hasting earned his real estate license in 2013. In early 2017, a friend encouraged him to purchase the franchise rights to Engel & Völkers and, after an interview, he was thrilled with the opportunity to bring the firm to Jacksonville. He officially purchased the rights in November 2017. Mr. Hasting has led his brokerage to win numerous awards, including ranking among the Top 10 in the Engel & Völkers Americas Network for most closed transactions in 2019 and 2020, and his office has been awarded 13 Engel & Völkers Florida awards since its launch – the most awarded Florida franchise in company history. He was a member of the class of 2020 for the 40 Under 40 list by the Jacksonville Business Journal. In 2021, under his leadership, Engel & Völkers Jacksonville was named the 12th Fastest Growing Company in Northeast Florida and the #1 Fastest Growing Real Estate Brokerage. Looking forward, he intends to grow Engel & Völkers Jacksonville. OWNER, BROKER Engel & Völkers Jacksonville Jacksonville Beach, FL COREY HASTING LAKINA FULKS

25 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine ARCHITECTURE, CONSTRUCTION AND REAL ESTATE Millennium Magazine Featured Listee BROKER ASSOCIATE JJ Elek Real Estate Carteret, NJ SENIOR BROKERAGE ASSOCIATE Trinity Partners Columbia, SC SUKHWINDER KAUR Deciding to delve into the real estate industry as it would provide her with the flexibility and freedom to schedule her own hours, Sukhwinder Kaur has excelled as a broker associate with JJ Elek Real Estate since 2005. Throughout the course of her career in real estate, Ms. Kaur has been grateful for the opportunities to take care of her family and simultaneously establish a pronounced career, and she has earned a myriad of accolades since beginning in the field. The recipient of Silver Circle of Excellence Awards between 2012 and 2015, she has also earned numerous Gold Circle of Excellence Awards since 2016. Additionally, she was named a Top Producing Agent in 2016, winning the title amid the 100 agents nominated for the honor. Earlier in her career, Ms. Kaur worked in consulting, retail and sales, and environmental science. She previously earned a bachelor’s degree in environmental science from St. John’s University in 1997. Outside of her primary work, she enjoys volunteering in her community. Looking toward the future, she intends to leverage her status as a business executive and mother to inspire others to pursue the same feats. Hailing from a family of real estate professionals, William Thomas Mills originally desired to pursue the field of law before deciding to embark upon a journey is real estate. Completing a bankruptcy law internship at Bailey Law Firm and a civil law internship at the South Carolina Attorney General’s Office, he served as a legal courier for Ellis Lawhorne & Sims, P.A., in 2008. Mr. Mills attained a BA in economics from Wofford College in 2011 and went on to join Wilson Kibler as an associate for the following six years. From 2017 to 2019, he subsequently excelled as a senior associate. Since 2019, Mr. Mills has thrived as a senior brokerage associate for Trinity Partners. Holding a real estate license in the State of South Carolina, Mr. Mills notably received the Power Broker Award for Top Retail Leasing Broker by the Costar Group in 2016. He attributes his profound success to the resources he has leveraged throughout his career, as well as his network of mentors. Looking toward the future, Mr. Mills intends to do more development work. He would also like to earn more property. WILLIAM THOMAS MILLS

26 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine ARCHITECTURE, CONSTRUCTION AND REAL ESTATE A native of Australia, Jonathan Noel earned an associate degree from the University of New South Wales in 2001 and began working in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning industry. First serving as an HVAC technician for York Air Conditioning, he then joined Alliance Refrigeration, where he remained for three years, as well as Austral Refrigeration in 1997. After immigrating to the United States in 2019, he founded Refrigeration Solutions, where he has since served as owner. The recipient of a contractor’s license and certificate III in refrigeration and air conditioning, Mr. Noel also holds a commercial and mechanical license in the State of South Carolina. He attributes his immense success to hard work, having always had an affinity for working with his hands and figuring out how mechanisms function. Although his career has been filled with highlights, he says his most notable achievement has been his family. He is incredibly proud of his daughter, Sydney, and would one day like to afford her the opportunity to attend a prestigious private school to enhance her education. Looking forward, he intends to experience the continued success of Refrigeration Solutions. Millennium Magazine Featured Listee OWNER Refrigeration Solutions Taylors, SC Mary M. Sisk’s husband, Virgil, established Sisk Painting and Roofing, LLC, in 1980. As a newly married couple, Ms. Sisk and her husband worked collaboratively at the business until Mr. Sisk retired in 2016. Upon her husband’s retirement, Ms. Sisk took over the family business as owner, renaming it Sisk Construction, LLC, where she remains today. Over the course of the 40-plus years of the business’ establishment, she and her husband notably worked with hot tar roofing and shingling. Among her career achievements, Ms. Sisk is especially proud of restoring the Bates County Courthouse in Butler, Missouri, which was completed in four phases by 2007. In light of the outstanding restoration, their work was featured in Missouri Magazine, West Central Electric Magazine and St. Luke’s Magazine. Looking forward, Ms. Sisk intends to pass down the company to their youngest son. Outside of her work appointments, Ms. Sisk sponsors various charity groups, including her local church. Recently, she installed a new communion rail alter at her church, which she offered free-ofcharge. In five years’ time, she intends to continue working and serving her community in volunteering capacities. OWNER, PARTNER Sisk Construction, LLC Holden, MO MARY M. SISK JONATHAN NOEL

27 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine ARCHITECTURE, CONSTRUCTION AND REAL ESTATE PRESIDENT, CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER Nancy Harvey Steorts & Associates McLean, VA NANCY HARVEY STEORTS Nancy Harvey Steorts has accrued over 60 years’ experience within government, real estate, media and international management consulting. Establishing Nancy Harvey Steorts & Associates in 2000, where she has served as president and chief executive officer, she also developed Nancy Harvey Steorts International in 1990 in Washington, D.C., and Dallas. Since 2010, she has excelled as an associate broker for Long and Foster Real Estate, Christy’s International Real Estate. Ms. Steorts was the official U.S. representative to the Public Health, Medical Equipment and Drugs Exposition in Moscow and a delegate to the U.S. Working Committee on Standards between Russia and the U.S. The former chairperson of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, she has spoken across the globe on safety, regulatory and women’s issues; authored numerous award-winning books; and hosted, produced and appeared on network television and radio shows. An alumnus of Syracuse University (SU), she received the George P. Arents Medal for Excellence in Government from SU. Other accolades include the Margaret Dana Award from ASTM International and induction into the Northern Virginia Association of Realtors Hall of Fame.

28 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine ARTS, MEDIA AND ENTERTAINMENT Research Institute’s Educational Site Licensing Project at American University and serving on the board of the National Initiative for a Networked Cultural History. Dr. Albrecht is a past president of the Visual Resources Association, served as co-chair of the Visual Resources Association’s Summer Educational Institute and participated in the U.S. Department of Commerce Conference on Fair Use. She was appointed to the National Endowment for the Humanities, a Senate-approved Presidential appointment. In 2012, the Visual Resources Association bestowed the Distinguished Service Award to Dr. Albrecht for her exemplary professional work in service to the Visual Resources Association and to the visual resources field. Likewise, she was featured in the book “How Women Lead,” authored by Sharon Hadary. Dr. Albrecht’s book, “The Machine Anxieties of Steampunk: Contemporary Philosophy, Victorian Aesthetics, and the Future” was published in 2021. Dr. Kathe Hicks Albrecht has over 30 years of experience in art history, education, aesthetics and art curation. At an early age, she was encouraged to study history and philosophy and to explore the field of aesthetics. Fostering her intellectual spirit, she attended the University of California Los Angeles, where she earned a BA in art history in 1975. She then attended American University and received an MA in art history in 1989. Dr. Albrecht then joined American University as the curator of their Visual Resources Center, where she led the center’s development from a film-based media library into a collection of digital media. During this time, she transferred the existing visual resources to a digital format. She retired from American University in 2014. In 2014, Dr. Albrecht began teaching art history at Northern Virginia Community College while studying at the Institute for Doctoral Studies in the Visual Arts (IDSVA). She received a PhD from IDSVA in philosophy and aesthetics in 2017, focusing her research on contemporary aesthetics. Since receivingher doctorate, shehas servedas a special faculty member at the Institute. Dr. Albrecht has also been involved in the coordination of the Getty KATHE HICKS ALBRECHT, PHD SPECIAL FACULTY Institute for Doctoral Studies in the Visual Arts La Jolla, CA