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A Marquis Who's Who Magazine 295 S ome of the most dedicated educators can recall a specific moment in their early life when they first felt inspired to teach. For Diane Elaine Pirlot, that instance came long after she established herself as the owner of Welker’s Lodge, a seasonal Michigan resort she maintained with her mother for several decades after her father’s untimely passing. During this period, she enjoyed a brief appointment as president of the Chamber of Commerce in Grand Marais. When Ms. Pirlot lost her mother as well, she chose to sell the family business and start anew in California. At that time, she still had no intention of becoming a teacher. It wasn’t until her grandchild was diagnosed with dyslexia that she realized how difficult it was for children to receive the individualized help they may need to succeed in school. Rather than despair at the harsh reality facing her family, Ms. Pirlot became driven to provide the highest level of education to her granddaughter and other children like her. Upon being licensed to teach in California, she began her official affiliation with Ivey Ranch Elementary in 1994. Since then, Ms. Pirlot has worked tirelessly to help children in need, many of whom have gone on to find success on their own academic and professional journeys. She finds great fulfillment in her role as a special education teacher because the position allows her to truly make a difference in the lives of many others. In addition to her career as an educator, Ms. Pirlot maintains a ranch with close to 100 horses. Affectionately named The Farms of Ta Dae, the ranch was inspired by her daughter’s love of horses and her granddaughter’s request to have a horse of her own. Established in 2000, the 20- acre location has grown to provide a variety of services for other horse enthusiasts, such as shows, lessons and boarding. DIANE ELAINE PIRLOT SPECIAL EDUCATION TEACHER Ivey Ranch Elementary Vashon, WA