Millennium Magazine_3rdEd

MILLENNIUM Editor’s Letter Assuming a new professional role can prove both an exciting and daunting adventure. Fresh experience provides meaningful growth opportunities, but may also conjure uncertainties. Recently named senior editor of Millennium Magazine, I have personally undergone a meaningful vocational transition. My journey was peppered with reservations, brought about by high self-expectations not only to excel, but to fill the shoes of the talented and seasoned editor who preceded me. Nevertheless, as time passed, my confidence increased and became sound. This is the same type of progression demonstrated by the 195-plus listees profiled in the third edition of MillenniumMagazine. Those who have risen through the ranks to establish themselves as triumphant, inspirational figures in their industries. Marquis Who’s Who endeavors to commemorate the efforts and successes of the world’s most ambitious and distinguished professionals. With notable backgrounds in politics, business, health care, law, engineering, education, art, religion and entertainment, our prestigious listees form an elite roster from which readers are able to glean inspiration to move forward and excel in their own careers. In addition to featuring powerful biographical content, we have punctuated this edition of Millennium Magazine with compelling editorial content. You may find yourself captivated by the autumnal glow of our seasonal road trip guide, “Five Fantastic Fall Road Trips,” on page 9, which details itineraries for illuminating fall trips from coastal California to rural Vermont. Alternatively, you may stumble upon our hot take on the work-related ergonomic debate: “Sitting vs. Standing” on page 117. Finally, you may peruse our seven tips for reducing your spending in “Preparing for the Financial Effects of Economic Uncertainty” on page 176. It is a popular theory that progress takes place outside of one’s comfort zone. In that vein, we encourage you to laude those featured in this edition of Millennium Magazine and recognize our collective ability to take a daring step forward into the unknown to achieve greatness. As always, we thank our listees for their devoted participation in all of our editorial efforts, and we offer our best wishes for continued success! Respectfully yours, Lisa Diamond Senior Editor, Millennium Magazine 7