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110 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine in 1986. First penning “Einstein’s Dream” in 1986, he went on to write “Search for a Supertheory” in 1987, “Creation” in 1988 and “Invisible Matter” in 1989. Thereafter, he penned “Colliding Galaxies” in 1990, “Cosmic Time Travel” in 1991, “Vindicating for the Big Bang” in 1993 and “Stairway to the Stars” in 1994. Most recently, he wrote “Physics of War” in 2014, as well as a physics book for the science series of the Smithsonian Institute in Washington. Furthermore, he has contributed articles to the Encyclopedia Britannica, Time Life Books and The New York Times. In recognition of his outstanding contributions to physics and writing, Dr. Parker received a Writing Award from the McDonald Observatory at the University of Texas at Austin. In addition, he was selected for inclusion in the 25th and 26th editions of Who’s Who in the West in 1995 and 1997, respectively. I ntrigued by science from a young age, Dr. Barry R. Parker served as a physics educator for 35 years. Retiring in 1998 as a full professor of physics at Idaho State University, he previously served the university as an assistant professor of physics between 1967 to 1975 before obtaining his most current role. During his tenure at the university, he mentored more than 15 graduate students toward obtaining master’s degrees. At the inception of his career in 1963, he was an assistant professor of physics at Weber State College (now Weber State University), a position he held for three years. The recipient of a Bachelor of Arts in physics, with honors, and Master of Science from the University of British Columbia, Dr. Parker has also held a PhD from Utah State University since 1967. He cites receiving degrees and honors as highlights of his career. Likewise, he also enjoyed teaching and witnessing students excel in their courses. Demonstrating versatility in his field, Dr. Parker has also been a prolific writer, having authored approximately 29 books beginning BARRY R. PARKER, PHD PHYSICS EDUCATOR (RETIRED) Idaho State University Pocatello, ID EDUCATION