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158 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine A nthony Amos started his career playing professional rugby in Australia. While playing football, he decided to use his down time to start his own business. At 21 years old, he founded a mobile dog grooming business, titled HydroDog. He and his team revolutionized the dog grooming industry by creating a fiberglass mobile grooming salon in the shape of a big, blue dog. HydroDog’s professionally-trained groomers provide washing, clipping, grooming, flea and tick services, as well as a full-service wash and breed- specific grooming that includes eye, nail, and ear care. HydroDog grew to the largest franchise of its kind in the world and Mr. Amos, at the age of 28, became one of Australia’s youngest millionaires. Within five years, HydroDog grew to over 100 franchises across Australia. After the 100th franchise milestone was reached, HydroDog implemented a Master Franchise model, taking the franchise system to the next level. All state and territory Master Franchise areas in Australia were sold within 18 months, receiving 9,000 new customer calls every month, growing to nearly 200 franchises. Mr. Amos’ franchise model achieved massive growth in Australia, and he introduced HydroDog to the United States through the extended, nation- wide Tour. The tour includes his entire family in public dog-washing events, benefitting local shelters and raising awareness for adoption of dogs at a time of epidemic-level canine euthanasia. The Amos family were able to shed light and raise funds for shelters across the country, and were featured on morning television shows, such as “The Rachel Ray Show” and “Larry King.” Additionally, Mr. Amos has a six-episode series on Animal Planet, showcasing their Bathe to Save Tour. HydroDog is now in 26 states and will be at 100 franchises by January 2021. Mr. Amos is also an author, and his first book, “How to Catch a Shark,” was co-authored with Kevin Harrington of the show “Shark Tank.” His second book, “Business Unleashed,” is about to launch. He was the recipient of the Woodley Johnson Presidential Community Service Award from the Humane Society of Ocean City and is also an Honorary Board Member. ANTHONY AMOS FOUNDER, CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER HydroDog North Hampton, NH ENTREPRENEURS