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297 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine TECHNOLOGY D r. Agostino “Ago” Sibillo is a renowned computer scientist who has been coined the “Father of Cloud Computing.” The holder of patents in Augmented Reality applications, his patents are used under license by approximately 95% of all the companies involved in internet, software and hardware applications. Augmented Reality (AR) provides enhanced, interactive experiences using objects found within the real world, thus combining features of the real and virtual world while offering interactions on the real-time basis. Since 2015, Dr. Sibillo has been the president and chief executive officer of SpyChatter, Inc., in Los Angeles. He invented and patented (Patent N. 9,940,477) a “Geolocation-based encryption method and system” that allows the individuals to utilize AR to communicate with other individuals, send and receive photographs, and post geotagged contents in private or on a public forum, among other novel innovations. Through this application, individuals are promised security without concern of unauthorized interception. He is also the chief executive officer of Spacenet, another cyber-security innovation. The recipient of PhD degrees in criminal law and computer software engineering, Dr. Sibillo attributes his immense success to the ability to persevere in the face of obstacles. Stating, “We must destroy the obstacles inside before we set out into the world,” he has always boasted an innate interest in solving problems and pushing the boundaries of the world as we know it. Discovering that new innovations and advancements in science and technology were decelerated in light of their objective to help humanity instead of accumulating revenue, Dr. Sibillo is passionate about utilizing the sciences to help humanity to evolve. Looking toward the future, Dr. Sibillo intends to continue working on new methods to share information via the internet that is not affiliated with the contemporary internet protocol. On the contrary, he plans to no longer use current networks and instead, utilize pure energy. He has filed a new patent called La.Li.T. (Laser Light Transmission). Dr. Sibillo currently resides in California. Married to Emanuela De Gianni, he is also the proud father of two children, Elisabeth Joy and Ethan Lewis. Millennium Magazine Featured Listee DR. AGOSTINO “AGO” SIBILLO CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER, COMPUTER SCIENTIST Spychatter, Inc. Los Angeles, CA