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305 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine SCIENCES, PHARMACEUTICALS AND BIOTECHNOLOGY life, she discovered that her father participated in the development of the Manhattan Project, its early stages developed among himself and his colleagues. Matriculating at Mount Holyoke College, Ms. Del Grande received a Bachelor of Arts in physics, followed by a Master of Science in physics from Stanford University. At the inception of her professional career in physics, Ms. Del Grande served the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California as a senior physicist from 1981 to 1999. During her tenure at the Laboratory, she founded Geo-Temp Corporation in 1985, where she now serves as chief executive officer, founder and president. In her varying roles with the Corporation, she provides thermal imaging solutions, such as scanning surface and subsurface terrain, utilizing infrared radiation detectors. Through these techniques, she is able to locate and identify objects and voids, which she then analyzes using data analysis and surveying services. Throughout her career, Ms. Del Grande has maintained affiliation with the American Physical Society and the Society for Photo Industrial Engineering. Notably, she was the first woman physicist to design and test major diagnostic experiments on a nuclear device at the Nevada Test Site, and she is renowned for fielding and testing the efficacy of GeoTemp Corporation’s DIRECT Service for use in counter-terrorism efforts. Attributing her success to her dedication to service to her country, as well as her love for her work, Ms. Del Grande intends to continue growing Geo-Temp Corporation to a wider audience. She would also like to experience the continued success of her own career with her company. N ancy Kerr Del Grande attended high school during the end of World War II, and upon reading about the Manhattan Project, she became enamored with physics, particularly regarding the atom and its structure. Later on in NANCY KERR DEL GRANDE CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER Geo-Temp Corporation Newark, CA