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108 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine EDUCATION also served as editor-in-chief of Mundus Artium: A Journal of International Literature and the Arts between 1967 and 1987. Notably, Dr. Schulte founded the American Literary Translators, and is recognized as an acclaimed poet, literary critic and translator. He has authored or co-authored myriad books in his field, including “The Camera on the War” in 2012, “A Language Without Geography” in 1999, “Comparative Perspectives: An Anthology of Multiple Translations” in 1994, and “Contemporary Writing from the Continents” in 1982, among other publications. Additionally, he is a noted presenter in the field and has penned several essays. Dr. Schulte received the Linda Gaboriau Translation Award from the Banff International Literary Translation Centre. He is proud of founding the Center for Translation Studies and American Literary Translators Association, and giving the Polikarp Kusch 2010 lecture, “Life as Translation,” at UT Dallas. Possessing a multicultural background, Dr. Rainer Schulte decided to pursue comparative literature at the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz, Germany, from which he obtained a master’s degree in English and French in 1962. Drawing upon a former Fulbright scholarship to Dickinson College and classes in piano at the Musikhochscule Darmstadt in Germany in the mid-to-late 1950s, he subsequently traveled to the United States and attained a PhD in comparative literature from the University of Michigan in 1965. At the inception of his career after receiving his doctorate, Dr. Schulte served Ohio University as professor of Comparative Literature and Translation until 1975. He then joined the University of Texas at Dallas, where he has excelled as a professor of literature and humanities since 1975. During his tenure at UT Dallas, he has also been the director of the Center for Translation Studies since 1980, where he has also flourished as the editor of the Translation Review for more than 40 years. Likewise, he has been the editor of Annotated Books Received since 1995. During his tenure in education, he RAINER SCHULTE, PHD PROFESSOR, EDITOR University of Texas at Dallas McKinney, TX