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143 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine ENERGY, ENGINEERING AND MANUFACTURING patents in the history of the facility and was the developer of the actuator upgrade design of the F-35 joint strike fighter. Additionally, he is renowned for his inventions of the capaciflector, magnetostrictive direct drive rotary motor, continuously variable planetary transmission, screw locking clickness wrenches, and a conformal robot gripper, among other inventions. Since retiring from the Goddard Space Flight Center, he has excelled as president of Vranish Innovative Technologies. Impressively, Mr. Vranish is the world record holder in a single stage gear reduction and for precision non-contact robotic assemblies in outer space, and invented the “virtual feel” capaciflector tools, brakes using method of equilibrium locking, and continuously variable planetary transmission using the method of low energy dissipation moving grounds. He has contributed myriad articles to professional journals and was inducted into the National Inventor’s Hall of Fame by the Goddard Space Flight Center in 2018. Earlier in his career, Mr. Vranish served as a staff engineer in robotics research for the National Bureau of Standards and for the Naval Surface Weapons Center. He holds a BSEE from the United States Military Academy and an MSEE from George Washington University. During his professional ventures, he also served in the United States Army to the rank of captain, being honorably discharged in 1970. For his achievements, Mr. Vranish was honored with numerous accolades from the Goddard Space Flight Center, including being named Inventor of the Year from 1992 to 1996 and again from 2004 to 2005. He also received two 100 Awards from R&D Magazine in 1997 and 2006, the Bose Award from Design News Magazine in 1997, and Exceptional Service, Exceptional Achievement Technology, and Exceptional Engineering Achievement Medals from NASA. Involved in the engineering industry for the entirety of his career, John M. Vranish spend much of his career with the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland. Joining the facility in 1986, he was a staff engineer of space mechanisms and space robotics until attaining emeritus status in 2006. During his tenure at the Goddard Space Flight Center, he is notable for holding the most JOHN M. VRANISH ELECTRICAL ENGINEER EMERITUS, RESEARCHER NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Crofton, MD