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16 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine ARCHITECTURE, CONSTRUCTION AND REAL ESTATE A contractor with the eponymously-named William H. Gunn Construction since 1988, William H. Gunn is a noteworthy construction management executive who notably gained his license at the age of 25. From an early age, he engaged himself in various, at-home construction projects, including building a dog kennel at the age of 8. When Mr. Gunn was 13 years old, a house fire left much of his childhood home damaged by smoke, and he and his family rehabilitated the home while adding a 2,000-foot addition. From this point forward, he was enthralled with the construction industry. Although construction was in the back of his mind, Mr. Gunn pursued a formal education at the University of California Riverside, where he studied biology for two years with the hopes of becoming a veterinarian. However, during his collegiate studies, a natural progression of events led him back to the construction business, and he began working with another independent contractor. Upon receiving his license, Mr. Gunn has made a name for himself throughout the Riverside, California, area as a selfemployed business owner. Alongside his primary endeavors, Mr. Gunn has been a political activist for medical cannabis patients since 2008. Recognizing the importance of medical cannabis for the treatment of several disorders ranging from mild to severe, including mental health and physical health conditions, Mr. Gunn has exhibited a strong passion for his cause. Initially inspired by the work ethic of his own father, Mr. Gunn desired to emulate his drive, and subsequently developed a strong work ethic of his own. Looking toward the future, he intends to branch out more within his company and through community activism, noting that he would like to do more pro bono work. Married to his wife Bernice Rose for several years, Mr. Gunn has three children: Laura, Joseph and Clifford. Millennium Magazine Featured Listee WILLIAM H. GUNN CONTRACTOR William H. Gunn Construction Riverside, CA