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169 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine ENTREPRENEURS and has since become a recognizable figure in the Houston area, as well as across the nation. Serenity Knives specializes in functional kitchen cutlery, hunting and fishing knives, and utility knives. Impressively, Serenity Knives is the only knife company in the United States that will refurbish and sharpen older knives that are already owned by established customers. Two years after following the creation of his very first knife, Mr. Montgomery was commissioned to forge custom steak knives for a popular restaurant in Houston, titled Oxheart, thus prompting other restaurants in the area to request his unique services, including Dallas’ Mansion on Turtle Creek and Las Vegas’ Bazaar Meat. His knives are always handmade with fully customizable design options, and SerenityKnives also offers sharpening services, full reconditioning, refurbishing and restoring. Each knifemade by the business has the business’ brand stamped onto its surface. Looking forward, Mr. Montgomery intends to expand his business and produce one-of-a-kind, signature knives that showcase his innate attention to detail. Prior to establishing Serenity Knives, Mr. Montgomery served Sharpstown Ice Center as a head shift manager and cashier manager from 1996 to 2002 and Starbucks Coffee Company as a store manager from 2000 to 2011. After working in various executive-level positions, he decided to pursue his formative love for knife making and studied at the University of Houston and University of Phoenix. Shortly thereafter, he enrolled in workshops with the American Bladesmith Society, working under the wings of some of the most distinguished knife makers in the nation. As a testament to his success, Mr. Montgomery has been interviewed extensively by local media, and Serenity Knives was advertised on his local television news channel. For more information, please visit Established in 2010 by Russell A. Montgomery, Serenity Knives is a renowned knife making company located in Houston. Creating more than 1,600 blades since the inception of the business, Mr. Montgomery studied the traditional Japanese bladesmithing and Appalachian Mountain ways of knife making, RUSSELL A. MONTGOMERY OWNER, KNIFE MAKER Serenity Knives Houston, TX