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194 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine GOVERNMENT AND MILITARY officer for the 86th Fighter Group in Germany. In the early 1950s, he also flew on the six-man team that won the 1954 European fightergunnery championship and flew the right-wing position with the “Skyblazers,” America’s only jet formation aerobatic team in Europe. Thereafter, he commanded a tactical reconnaissance squadron in Japan and Vietnam before beginning his tenure with The White House in Washington, D.C. Prior to his military retirement, he was a senior U.S. military officer and commander-inchief Pacific representative to the Government of the Commonwealth of Australia. Mr. Butterfield graduated cum laude from St. John’s Military Academy and earned a BS in political science from the University of Maryland. He also earned an MS in international affairs from George Washington University, an honorary PhD from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, and an MA in American history from the University of California, where he is now a PhD candidate. Drawing upon excellence in military and government that spanned over 75 years, Alexander P. Butterfield is recognized as an aviation executive, former military officer and retired presidential appointee. Most notably, he is renowned for his integrity and ethical standards during the Watergate scandal during the early 1970s during his tenure with the FAA. As a past deputy White House chief of staff and senior administrative officer to former President Nixon, he was subpoenaed by the Senate’s Watergate committee to provide insight. Mr. Butterfield’s response that the President’s Oval Office conversations were recorded altered the course of the investigation, laying the foundation of future governmental investigations. Retiring from federal service in 1995 after 27 years of service, Mr. Butterfield has spent his post-retirement years as chairman of the board of directors of The Brain Observatory, having previously lent his expertise to numerous other foundations, enterprises and academic entities. Earlier, he was a decorated veteran, having served as a flight instructor in the Air Force’s fighter-gunnery training program and weapons ALEXANDER P. BUTTERFIELD AVIATION EXECUTIVE, MILITARY OFFICER, PRESIDENTIAL APPOINTEE (RETIRED) La Jolla, CA