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38 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine ARTS, MEDIA AND ENTERTAINMENT A native of Frankfurt, Germany, Jessica Grotberg was influenced by her mother, Barbara Gay, who was a high school art teacher. Desiring to see her own children succeed, Ms. Gay placed her children in extracurricular activities, and upon her academic retirement, opened her own children’s art class out of her garage. Witnessing this incredible transformation inspired Ms. Grotberg, and she soon wanted to pursue her own path in teaching children. Upon her family’s immigration to the United States, Ms. Grotberg attended New Mexico State University for fashion design. She then relocated to Florida to commence her professional career. After accruing several years in the field, she decided to follow her family’s legacy and opened her own art studio in Fleming Island, Florida, in 2012. Named Orange Park Art Classes, Ms. Grotberg’s studio teaches Tuesdays through Fridays after regular school hours. The curricula that she follows is designed to grow with the age of the student, and notably, she has taught approximately 60% of the student body since opening her studio’s doors. Although her career has been filled with highlights, Ms. Grotberg is especially proud of growing with her students and watching them, alongside their families, succeed in their personal and academic lives. She particularly enjoys seeing her students receive scholarships from the portraits they drew in her studio. Throughout her career, she has always exuded passion and thrill for the creative arts, and she has felt blessed to have fallen into her chosen career path. Ms. Grotberg is also humbled by the births of her four children: Taylor, Katty, Audrey and Ryan. Watching them succeed in their own lives has been a moment of pride, and she considers her children to be her greatest accomplishment. Looking toward the future, Ms. Grotberg intends to open another art studio to expand her sphere of influence, as well as become a homeowner. JESSICA GROTBERG OWNER, TEACHER Orange Park Art Classes Fleming Island, FL