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58 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine ARTS, MEDIA AND ENTERTAINMENT Ray A. James exhibited a passion for music in his early years. He recently wrote “Santa Coming to Town Tonight,” dedicated to Jerusalem, and “God Bless America,” dedicated to former President Donald Trump. He wrote a historical collection of work called “The American Dream.” He authored and recorded such works as “Mrs. Right,” “The Chattanooga Dance,” “Turn Your Life Around,” “The Test of Time is in God’s Hands,” “Rebuilding Faith After Desert Storm,” “No More Battlefield Cry,” “The Ambassador of God,” He’s My Brother, He Ain’t Heavy,” ”The Land of Opportunity,” “The Blue Bonnet State” and “A Sketch of My Life,” among others. He sang “We Shall Be Free” and is a member of the Guild of International Songwriters and Composers. Mr. James holds a BS in management studies from the University of Maryland and an MA in training and development from Midwestern State University. Lending his expertise to the written word, he authored “A Self- Help Approach of School Bus Issues and Emergency Procedure Training” in 2006. He has worked in transportation at T-Square Logistics (SAFB) since 1999 and has been a licensed property and casualty adjuster since 2004. SINGER, SONGWRITER, AUTHOR Burkburnett, TX Inspired by the artistic proclivities of her parents, Valeria Mravyan began her journey in applied arts in her native Moscow, where she attended the Moscow State Textile University Institute and received a master’s degree. Since immigrating to Canada, she has worked both in design studios and as a self-employed artist based out of Kleinburg, Ontario. Known for her abstract landscapes, Ms. Mravyan is honored to have had the opportunity to showcase her artwork in galleries and museums across the globe. She attributes her success to her passion for the field and, moving forward, intends to continue actively painting and exploring her craft. She enjoys delving into her work while listening to classical music, particular Mozart. She maintains membership with the International Artist Society and has actively supported the Child Aid Foundation since 2013. More information about Ms. Mravyan can be seen on her website: ARTIST Kleinburg, Ontario, Canada VALERIA MRAVYAN RAY A. JAMES