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76 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine EDUCATION Inspired by Winston Churchill, Dr. Clifford R. Bragdon decided to model his career after the former Prime Minister and delved into urban sociology and city planning. Drawing upon a BA from Westminster College, an MS from Michigan State University and a PhD from the University of Pennsylvania, he commenced his career in 1967 as an urban planner for the West Philadelphia Community Mental Health Consortium at the University of Pennsylvania. Over the course of his lengthy career, he served such academic institutions in educational and administrative roles as the Georgia Institute of Technology, Emory University, Dowling College and Florida Atlantic University. Joining the Florida Institute of Technology in 2005, he served as a distinguished research professor, dean and vice president until attaining emeritus status in 2012. Alongside his academic roles, Dr. Bragdon has excelled as the founder and president of the Global Center for Preparedness and Resilience since 2005 and has been the sector chief director of the Tampa Bay chapter of InfraGard, a subsidiary of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. In addition to his primary endeavors, he has also served as an adjunct professor at Auburn University and the executive director of the University Consortium for Transportation Safety and Security. He is a United States Army veteran, having served as captain on active duty between 1969 and 1972. A patentee in the field, Dr. Bragdon has authored/co-authored numerous publications, most recently including “Transportation Security” in 2020. A columnist for “Airport Press” and contributing editor for “Sound and Vibration,” he has also served on the advisory and editorial boards of the Transportation Research Board, FAA Aviation Topics and STAR USA. He is a past president of the Georgia chapters of the American Planning Association and American Industrial Hygiene Association. Named an Eminent Scholar of Florida Atlantic University, Dr. Bragdon earned an Alumni Achievement Award from Westminster College in 2006 and an honorary degree from the International Informatization Academy in Moscow in 1998. One of his inventions was named the “ninth most important patented invention for the next 100 years” by Newsday. CLIFFORD R. BRAGDON, PHD CITY PLANNER, PROFESSOR EMERITUS Florida Institute of Technology Melbourne Beach, FL