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92 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine EDUCATION representative for the Queensland University of Technology since 2005 and a representative at Hawaii Pacific University since 2002. Notably,Mr. Kasaharahas authoredmore than30 books throughout his longstanding career, which have sold more than 1.6 million copies. He has registered patents in Japan, Australia andKorea, as well as two registered trademarks in Japan. Some of his publications include “Kasahara’s Quick English for Everyday Conversation” in 2008, “Kasahara’s Quick English, Just Listen! For Essential Phrases!” and “Quick Learning Method through Illustration for the TOEIC L&R Test” in 2018, “Kasahara’s Quick English for Real Beginners” in 2014, and “Kasahara’s Quick English for Spur-of-the-Moment 122 Essential Phrases” in 2019, among others. Mr. Kasahara is a member of the English Linguistic Society of Japan and English Education Institute of Japan. He intends to expand into online education, utilizing videos and online learning projects to international students. Drawing upon an early interest in teaching and the English language, Yoshikazu Kasahara attended Kokugakuin University in his native Japan for his undergraduate studies, where he received a Bachelor of Arts in literature in 1986. Progressing forward in his academic studies, he relocated to the United States and earned a BBA from the Southern College of Business in 1993. Quickly understanding the English language, he desired to expand his sphere of influence and traveled to the United Kingdom, where he attended the University of Hertfordshire and received an MBA in 1995. The following year, he earned a Master of Arts in English Language Teaching from the University of Southampton. Currently, Mr. Kasahara excels as the president and chief executive officer of two businesses, the Bart Corporation and Quick Method Academy. Alongside his primary roles, he is a former lecturer at numerous institutions of higher learning, such as the Southern College of Business, Tokyo Industrial Technical College, Daiichi Institute of Technology and Eishin International Technical College. Notably, he has served as an international YOSHIKAZU KASAHARA, MBA, MA PRESIDENT, CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER Bart Corporation, Quick Method Academy Tokyo, Japan