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126 MILLENNIUM B enedikte Esperi is a talented artist with a background in performance, live art, choreography and screen dancing. For over 18 years, Ms. Esperi has been making her mark in education, arts and entertainment. To prepare for her career, she strengthened her artistic abilities and received a Master of Fine Arts in contemporary performative arts at the University of Gothenburg. Between 1998 and 2008, she taught dance to children, adolescents and adults. In 2007, she delved into her craft immensely, creating advanced-level workshops, performance seminars and master classes, many of which were supported by the Swedish Arts Council. She continued lecturing, teaching dance methods to children with disabilities as an after-school activity, and choreographing routines for actors with disabilities. Ms. Esperi, whose current work focuses on dance didactics and performance lectures, recently served as a project coordinator and curator at A-venue in Gothenburg. Some of Ms. Esperi’s latest performances are Kvinnliga Koreografers Konstnärskap, HUPIA versus HUNT and Queen of Plastic Oceans. She also published “Nudity in live art” in 2016 through the Academy of Music and Drama at the University of Gothenburg and has presented her work in a plethora of solo performances, workshops and exhibitions. Ms. Esperi is currently working on new ventures, including several community dance projects, performances and films across Europe and in New York. Her dedication and artistry have led her to receive many grants, including the Art Research Grant in 2016. Benedikte Esperi Artist Dansverk Gothenburg, Sweden