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132 MILLENNIUM J oanne Fern is the owner of J&S Operated Equipment Rentals, a company that specializes in providing excavation and demolition services throughout Palmdale, Calif. She manages all operations of the company, including overseeing the insurance and human resources responsibilities. Her desire to embark on a career in excavation and demolition was fueled by her husband, who is a heavy equipment operator. Before opening their business together, her husband was working with a list of people, including a woman who needed more equipment owners and operators. They extended their services and obtained a contract, and shortly thereafter, opened J&S Operated Equipment Rentals. Together, they built the company from the ground up in 1993, starting with one backhoe, four Bobcats, and several other excavating machines. Their business was set for success, but due to the economic crash of 2010, Ms. Fern and her husband became homeless. Not willing to give up or accept defeat, they rebuilt their business, which began to flourish in less than seven years. In addition to her tireless efforts to create a successful business, Ms. Fern also has given back in the form of volunteer work, which includes organizations such as Angels Against Hunger. During the 1994 Northridge earthquake, in which her husband was a first responder, Ms. Fern did her part by providing food to those in need. She is affiliated with the Council of Better Business Bureaus, The Blue Book Network of Commercial Construction and the California Environmental Protection Agency’s Air Resources Board. She attributes her success to perseverance, hard work and the ability to keep her customers happy. In five years, Ms. Fern hopes to continue providing excellent customer service, stay happy and keep her business flourishing. Joanne Fern Owner J&S Operated Equipment Rentals Palmdale, CA