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11 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine ARCHITECTURE, CONSTRUCTION AND REAL ESTATE First receiving an associate degree from the University of Guam, Anthony Paul Cruz relocated to Oregon, where he attended the Oregon Institute of Technology. Receiving a Bachelor of Science in quality and construction management, with an emphasis on public works, he commenced his career in the construction industry. While working in construction, one of his employers, Ron Wells, received a contracted project that required a quality control manager. Mr. Wells designated the position to Mr. Cruz, who has excelled in that capacity ever since. Since 1995, Mr. Cruz has served as the quality control manager for Tutor-Perini. Attributing his success to his ability to work well with others and his affinity for understanding each unique requirement for every job that comes into his possession, Mr. Cruz has been recognized for maintaining consistency in his job performance. As the quality control manager, he notes that he is always in the spotlight, which only affirms his proficiency in his role. He lives and works by the mottos, “Be positive in every approach that you take” and “Look ahead and do not look back.” Although he has achieved many career highlights, Mr. Cruz is especially proud of all the projects he has completed during his decades-long tenure in quality management. He emphasizes that each project has been unique from each other and, as the quality control manager, he has successfully fulfilled the obligations of each project. Mr. Cruz says that his most notable accomplishments have been the development and fruition of these projects, which have often included transit works along the Eastern Coast of the United States and in California and Guam. Looking toward the future, Mr. Cruz intends to continue working and excelling in his current career path. He would like to further advance in the next five years, as well as delve into consultancy to pass on his knowledge and expertise to the next generation of quality control managers. Millennium Magazine Featured Listee ANTHONY PAUL CRUZ QUALITY CONTROL MANAGER Tutor-Perini Fresno, CA