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159 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine ENTREPRENEURS collegiate education. Receiving a bachelor’s degree in business, Ms. Xaymoungkhoun did not fully transition to the culinary profession until immigrating to the United States as an international student. From there, she discovered her passion for Thai cuisine. Particularly fond of encouraging Americans to try authentic Thai food, Ms. Xaymoungkhoun opened the Thai Monkey Restaurant in Roanoke, Virginia, in 2018, where she currently serves as the owner. Through her restaurant, she desires to not only leave her customers satisfied with her food, but also have them fall so much in love with her cooking that they will return again and again. She attributes her immense success to the support and encouragement of her family, who have also provided her with various spices for her delectable dishes. She also credits her dedicated employees as a factor toward her success, as through their hard work, she has been able to create two additional branches of Thai Monkey Restaurant. As an emerging entrepreneur, Ms. Xaymoungkhoun is especially proud of building a restaurant business that has quickly expanded in light of her customers’ satisfaction with her food. Catering to Thai cuisine enthusiasts, she serves a myriad of popular and authentic recipes from both northern and southern Thailand. Additionally, she established a sauce manufacturing business to supply to her patrons who desire to use her sauce for their home cooking. Highlighted in several local publications, Ms. Xaymoungkhoun intends to continue experiencing the growth and success of her career. She would like to open a fourth branch of her Thai Monkey Restaurant, as well as expand upon her manufacturing of sauces in Thailand that she brings home to the United States. Koung Xaymoungkhoun was inspired to enter the restaurant industry and the culinary arts by her grandmother, who was a remarkable cook. A native of Laos, she relocated to China at the age of 15 to complete her high school studies and, subsequently, moved to Australia for a KOUNG XAYMOUNGKHOUN OWNER Thai Monkey Restaurant Roanoke, VA