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162 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine Millennium Magazine Featured Listee OWNER Noblesville Antiques on the Square Noblesville, IN JILL M. DOLAK Since mid-2020, Jill M. Dolak has excelled as the owner of the acclaimed Noblesville Antiques on the Square, an antique shop located in the heart of Noblesville, Indiana. Previously established by former owners in the 1970s, Noblesville Antiques on the Square was temporarily closed upon the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020. However, aided by the determination of Ms. Dolak, employees of the store and customers, the antique shop re-opened and has since excelled in the business. Notably, Ms. Dolak and the antique shop won second placement for the People’s Choice Awards by the Noblesville Times Magazine. Drawing upon a bachelor’s degree in engineering from Purdue University and former employment as a clerk manager, Ms. Dolak spends her spare time donating funds to her local church and various women’s shelters. She has attributed her immense success to her “never quit” attitude, as well as her visionary ability to expound upon opportunities presented to her. Looking toward the future, Ms. Dolak intends to expand Noblesville Antiques on the Square, as well as open a new antique shop for customers to explore. ENTREPRENEURS A HEAL Investigator Award recipient, Jocelyn W. Cowie presented her thesis and abstracts at the CPS, IASP, APS and Fascia 111 Congress. Pain costs the United States up to $635 billion yearly, 44 people overdose deaths involving prescription opioids and 54% of pain is musculoskeletal. Systematic reviews on inflammation identify it is the underlying cause of pain. Ms. Cowie has developed a measure of pain and identified treatment effectiveness. Technology meets human touch at NextMed Innovation Lab, 2023. Sen-Sore LLC finds acupoints, a wearable that applies precision pressure to turn on the body’s 3D printer by restoring blood flow externally and internally for cell regeneration. Ms. Cowie is an expert in Palpation, Acupressure and Lymphatic Massage (PALM). She uses PALM to treat pain, disease, and sports injuries. Dr. John B. Armstrong says, “The difficulty lies in proving that it hurts, other than just having to take a person’s word for it. What we’d like to be able to see is some evidence of pain, in some measurable form of imaging or a data collection system. That is where Jocelyn’s Sen-Sore System comes into play.” Please visit and CHIEF MEDICAL OFFICER, CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER Sen-Sore LLC, ASSESSx Technology Ltd. Grand Forks, British Columbia, Canada JOCELYN W. COWIE