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172 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine FINANCE AND INSURANCE DONALD ALAN ROSENFELD PRESIDENT Investment Company of New England Brookline, MA Drawing upon five decades of eminent experience in the analysis of data and investments, Donald Alan Rosenfeld currently thrives as the president of the Investment Company of New England, which is headquartered in Brookline, Massachusetts. Earlier in his career, Mr. Rosenfeld served the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in a myriad of roles, having previously received a bachelor’s degree in meteorology from the aforementioned institution in 1966. Having attained much success over the decades, he attributes his good fortune to his determination and ability to be a problemsolver for all his clients. Likewise, he has always been proficient in adapting to changes, allowing for situations to happen correctly and at the appropriate time. A member of the American Meteorological Society, Mr. Rosenfeld has always been interested in investments and the stock market. He lives and works by the motto, “When a problem comes up, solve it.” Outside of his primary endeavors, he has provided significant donations to a number of civic-related entities, such as the