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180 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine FINANCE AND INSURANCE been successful in providing financial services to her diverse clientele. In the coming years, she intends to gain revenue upwards of $1 million and build a legacy for her children, McKenzie and Makayla. She aims to show her children the business and provide them with guidance on how to attain their own success. Mrs. Walker co-founded the Margaret Clinard Outreach Foundation, a nonprofit that prioritizes equity among indigent women and children of the Triad area. The Margaret Clinard Outreach Foundation has hosted several events, including a Back to School Drive and the MCOF Christmas Assistance Program. She is also a member of the Credit Consultants Association. Mrs. Walker was featured in THE HUAMI MAGAZINE, highlighting her services in repairing credit scores for clients. Likewise, Natasha’s Credit Services was ranked #2 in the credit repair industry for Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Visit In the early years of her career as a technical support agent for Apple, Natasha Yvette Jones-Walker struggled with a poor credit score, which disqualified her from receiving a loan for solar panels. Realizing the importance of an excellent credit score, she restored her credit and endeavored to help others who, much like herself, had experienced poor credit. In 2014, she established Natasha’s Credit Services in Greensboro, North Carolina, where she serves as owner. In her role, she takes pride in helping all her clients improve their credit scores, as well as drafts formal letters, provides employment opportunities, and collaborates with many auto financiers, private lenders, realtors and agents. Attributing her success to her desire to aid others in financial recovery situations and creditworthiness, Mrs. Walker has always sought to provide the best possible service to her clients, as well as their families. Among her many career achievements, she is especially proud of establishing her company and becoming a sole entrepreneur in approximately three years. Even amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Mrs. Walker has NATASHA YVETTE JONES-WALKER OWNER Natasha’s Credit Services Greensboro, NC