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19 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine ARCHITECTURE, CONSTRUCTION AND REAL ESTATE A native of Ajmer, India, Sukhdev Singh attained advanced degrees in botany and biology from Government College in the 1970s prior to immigrating to the United States in 1984. Serving The Star-Ledger publication for 16 years between 1985 and 2001, he advanced from a newspaper deliverer to the rank of a sales manager before his departure. Following this tenure, he relocated to Houston, where he became involved in the real estate industry through his uncle, who was an acclaimed realtor in the area. As such, Mr. Singh became the president of Pro Venture Realty, LP in Houston, where he still currently serves. In the beginning of his real estate career, Mr. Singh began with nearly 100 homes, which has now grown to a substantial amount in the 2020s. As the years progressed and the real estate market escalated, he and his uncle were able to purchase properties for $30,000 and sell them for over $100,000 at a later time. During this period, he and his uncle were afforded opportunities to invest in various hotels and shopping centers, as well as take part in building and renovating residential properties. Alongside his primary career path, Mr. Singh has been a founding member of the Funeral Association of Houston since 2006, which he cites as a career highlight. In light of the dramatically increasing costs of funeral services, he and his colleagues established the association to help grieving families afford the costly services in the Houston area. To date, Mr. Singh and his associates have assisted in nearly 600 funerals. He is immensely proud of contributing civically to his community and society at large, and he is especially humbled to watch others succeed in their own respective journeys. Mr. Singh has earned amyriad of accolades for his charitable involvement, having earned community service awards from local churches as well as other honors from organizations that are dedicated to arranging sports games for teenagers. He has served as the secretary of the Sikh Center of the Gulf Coast Area, Inc., for which he helped raise over $1 million for the facility’s reconstruction. SUKHDEV SINGH PRESIDENT Pro Venture Realty, LP Houston, TX