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191 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine GOVERNMENT AND MILITARY Working for the federal government for the majority of his career, Raymond F. DuBois first earned a Bachelor of Arts in politics from Princeton University in 1972. The following year, he visited his hometown of Washington, D.C., where he was introduced to a Pentagon executive. After a 45-minute discussion, the executive invited Mr. DuBois to work with the United States Department of Defense. For the following two years, he served as staff assistant to the secretary, followed by an additional two-year tenure as a deputy under the secretary of the Department of the Army. Subsequent to these posts, Mr. DuBois served as a private consultant for many years in Washington, D.C., and New York. As his career progressed, Mr. DuBois served as principal of Carre, Orban & Partners International in Brussels, Belgium, as director of government affairs and managing director of the federal systems division of the National Education Corp. and Applied Learning International, and as director of strategic initiatives for U.S. Government Systems Group and Digital Equipment Corp., where he also served as director of defense industries marketing. Additionally, he thrived as president of Potomac Strategies International LLC for five years before returning to the United States Department of Defense in 2001. Between 2001 and 2006, Mr. DuBois flourished with the Department of Defense in a number of positions, including as deputy under the secretary of installations and environment, director of administration and management in the Office of the Secretary, and acting under the secretary of the Department of the Army. Since 2006, he has served as a non-resident senior advisor at the Center for Strategic and International Studies and, since 2018, a senior advisor for Theia Group, Inc. Alongside his governmental posts, Mr. DuBois served in the United States Army as an intelligence operations sergeant E-5 for Task Force South inVietnam. In light of his success, he has earned several accolades, including theMedal for Distinguished Public Service, two Army Civilian Distinguished Public Service Awards, Navy Distinguished Public Service Award, Air Force Decoration for Exceptional Civilian Service and Army Commander Award for Public Service. RAYMOND F. DUBOIS SENIOR ADVISOR Theia Group, Inc. Washington, DC