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193 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine GOVERNMENT AND MILITARY Justin Garret Luper commenced his career in the United States Navy in 1994, during which time he served in the maintenance department of the USS Constellation CD64. In the midst of deciding upon which path he wanted towalk in life, he discovered his immense passion and aptitude for emergency medicine. While in the United States Navy, Mr. Luper excelled as a medical clerk for the Naval Station 32nd Branch, with Badge Class 230 and with the First Medical Battalion. Likewise, he was affiliated with Seventh Engineers and the First Marine Division Infantry Units, as well as with the Branch Medical Clinic. Upon exiting the military, Mr. Luper has thrived as a worldwide protective services protective security specialist and a nationally registered advanced emergency medical technician for Triple Canopy at Constellis since 2008. To supplement his career path, he completed work toward an associate degree, as well as completed field medical training at Camp Pendleton, coursework at the Naval School of Health Sciences, and additional coursework at the Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center. Over the course of his extensive career, Mr. Luper has additionally garnered top secret clearance with the United States Department of State. For his efforts and success in security services, Mr. Luper has received a myriad of accolades. Featured in a number of news headlines for his protective service, he also earned a Token of Appreciation fromAmbassador Ryan Crocker and numerous awards, letters of recognition, and letters of appreciation from prominent figures in the field of government, such as U.S. ambassadors and diplomats. He is especially proud of embarking on approximately 3,500 missions with a 100% success rate, and he notes that none of his diplomats under his protection were ever harmed or harassed. A member of the Marine Corps League, Mr. Luper attributes his success to his passion and desire to support his family, especially his daughters. Looking forward, he intends to experience continued success in his profession. JUSTIN GARRET LUPER WORLDWIDE PROTECTIVE SERVICES PROTECTIVE SECURITY SPECIALIST Triple Canopy at Constellis Rockwall, TX