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199 HEALTH AND WELLNESS a business education of medical students and physicians in clinical medical practice, and the cause of and solution for the increasing attrition of American physicians. As a writer and author of several books concerning health care and medical practice, as well as over 100 articles on business and marketing for physicians on his medical teaching website that has been available online to physicians since 2012 and recently have been updated and republished and available in 2022. For a farm boy raised on his grandparent's farm 1945 to 1954, he has been on a hell of a ride in his life, and he's not done yet. The awards, accolades and many other recognitions are documented and memorable. “It's not what you think about that's important, it's what you do.” From a career standpoint, being a life Fellow of the College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists as well as a life Fellow of the American College of Surgeons hits the peak. Vietnam as a Marine Flight Surgeon in combat with Marine Helicopter Squadron HMM365. During his medical career, Dr. Graham served as a Board Member for CAP-MPT, as well as member of several committees, as a board member and advisor or the California Association of Medical Assistants, as committee work with the Contra Costa County Medical Association, as a preceptor of high school and local college students interested in medical careers, as life member of the Scottish Rite, as consultant to medical malpractice attorneys, and as a member of numerous medical societies over all those years. Following retirement from medical practice, Dr. Graham developed an intense interest in why so many physicians were losing their private medical practices for financial reasons. His book, “THE WOUNDED PHYSICIAN PROJECT,” summarizes his 20 years of research on medical education issues, consequences of the lack of