Millennium_12th Edition_Arnie Creinin

262 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine HOSPITALITY AND LEISURE ARNIE CREININ FOUNDER, PRESIDENT, CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER Coastal Lifestyles, Inc. South Padre Island, TX Arnie Creinin has accrued more than 40 years of expertise in the hospitality industry. Following many years of service in the hotel industry, he recognized the need for high-quality property management within the field. From there, he endeavored to establish his own business to better serve clients in his area, making property management easily accessible, available and affordable for all involved. Coastal Lifestyles, Inc., located in South Padre Island, Texas, was established in 2006 by Mr. Creinin and his wife, Debbie Creinin. He currently presides as the president and chief executive officer. Presently, Coastal Lifestyles employs over 30 individuals and specializes in overseeing a myriad of different properties, such as luxury accommodations for clients, including prearrival shopping, babysitting, and rental car and security services, among others. Through his work with Coastal Lifestyles, Mr. Creinin has provided a full spectrum of services to ensure that each of his clients can properly afford their dream vacation home, equipped with a range of unique amenities that are customized to each client’s need. To this end, Coastal Lifestyles offers a broad selection of properties such as condominiums and beach homes to accommodate his diverse client base, through which he is afforded strong opportunities to customize their vacation packages. His services range from individuals to couples, families and large groups. Earlier in his career, Mr. Creinin worked for several hotels and resorts, which established the foundation upon which he has succeeded in his present career. He first served as a sous chef for Americana Hotels andMarriott Hotels from1980 to 1987, whereupon he then served for 30 years as an executive chef for Americana Hotels in Wyoming and New Jersey, as well as for the Americana Royal Dutch Resort in Disney Village, Florida. Likewise, Mr. Creinin thrived as the executive chef for theKahlerHotel Corporation inRochester, Minnesota, where he proposed the creation, and served as charter president, of the South Eastern Minnesota Chefs Association. From 1988 to 1992, as executive chef, he had the opportunity to cater for President and Mrs. Reagan, President