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28 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine ARTS, MEDIA AND ENTERTAINMENT TOM HILLERY EXECUTIVE PRODUCER Starlight Productions Henderson, NV TomHillery is an inventor with four United States patents with three pending. These include Smoke Alarm System U.S. patent 11,170,621, Mobile Device with Flexible Display and Housing U.S. patent 10,831,239, Mobile Device and Accessory Case with Display Locking Feature U.S. patent 11,356,548 and Mobile Device Pants Pocket U.S. design patent D927,833. Patents pending include Mobile Device and Accessory Case with Articulated Structure, application 17980542, Device for Securing a Replaceable Vehicle Battery application 17351686, and Vehicle Battery Power Monitoring and Management Systems applications 17353720 and 17877940, pertaining to power for electric vehicles and consumer electronic devices. The patents are designed to improve fire safety in homes and businesses, improve the comfort of cell phones in pockets, and make electric cars easier to market by reducing the time necessary to get power into a car and get it back on the road. Please visit or Mr. Hillery earned a Bachelor of Arts in economics from Clark University and a Magistri Artibus Liberalibus in religion from Harvard University. He is a member of the Harvard Clubs of Nevada, Boston and New York City and the Harvard Faculty Club. He is a member of the Producers’ Guild of America andanexecutiveproducer, writer, director and editor on several feature films, including “Honey Trap,” “Looks Can Kill” and “Project Solitude: Buried Alive,” starring Golden Globe nominee Eric Roberts. He is also the executive producer on “Black Warrant,” which features Golden Globe winner Tom Berenger, “Commando” withAcademy Award nomineeMickey Rourke, and “Seized” with action star Scott Adkins. Mr. Hillery is the executive producer and co-host of “The Las Vegas Rocks Radio Show,” a weekly radio show created by Ron Garrett to support live performers in Las Vegas. First serving as a tax accessor at the beginning of his career, he was an accredited assessor in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and he was elected three times to the Board of Assessors in Sudbury, Massachusetts.