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45 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine ARTS, MEDIA AND ENTERTAINMENT drafting. However, Mr. White was not satisfied with his career path and sought to delve into a more creative vocation. Therefore, he moved to Atlanta and became employed with Turner Broadcasting Systems – his formal introduction to the television and film industries. Mr. White served Turner Broadcasting Systems from 1992 to 2000. While excelling in several roles, he decided to turn his attention to establishing his own business. Equipped with his wealth of experience and success that he amassed for more than one decade, he moved to Los Angeles and founded Firefly Creative Entertainment Group, Inc., in 2001, and now resides in New York City. Notably, through his work, Mr. White and his team have produced 21 James Bond movie promotions. Additionally, he has worked with such original FX Network series as “Nip/Tuck,” “Rescue Me,” “The Americans” and all 10 seasons of “American Horror Story.” Concurrently, he is developing a feature film project about Norma Jeane Mortensen when she was young and becoming the quintessential iconic sex symbol, Marilyn Monroe. Mr. White has thoroughly enjoyed his ability to contribute to the success of each of his clients through accomplishing innovative production goals at the highest levels. Furthermore, he takes great pride in his team; through his team, he has expanded his horizons and found the best behind-the-scenes talent. He attributes his immense success to his passion for the industry and his ability to see his projects through from inception to delivery. He also notes that his work has never been mundane. As a testament to his success, Mr. White has received a myriad of accolades, including several Clio Awards, Promax Awards and Telly Awards. Looking toward the future, he intends to witness the continued growth of his career with Firefly Creative Entertainment Group. Supported by a Bachelor of Arts in visual communications and mass media from Florida State University, which he obtained in 1984, William Rutherford White is recognized today as an award-winning producer of entertainment. Upon graduating with his bachelor’s degree, he served a civil engineering firm for three years, during which time he lent his expertise to WILLIAM RUTHERFORD WHITE FOUNDER, OWNER Firefly Creative Entertainment Group, Inc. New York, NY