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53 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine BUSINESS SERVICES, CONSULTING AND HUMAN RESOURCES world. Looking toward the future, he intends to expand Newegg Commerce, Inc., and make the company a global production. In light of his outstanding success in the field of e-commerce and business services, Mr. Chow has received a myriad of accolades. Highlighted in the fourth edition of Who’s Who in Science and Engineering in 1997, he was featured on the cover of Foreign Trade Magazine early in his career. In 2020, he was presented with a Golden Eagle Award for being the first cross-border e-commerce leader and was inducted into the Digital Ecosystems Hall of Fame. Most recently in 2021, he was named a Cross Border E-Commerce Person of the Year. Mr. Chow maintains membership with the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers in his spare time and is a certified Novell engineer. He attributes his success to his passion for his work and motivation to continue moving forward despite facing immense challenges. Married to his wife Connie to many years, he has two beautiful daughters and currently resides in La Habra Heights, California. Mr. Chow joined Newegg Commerce, Inc., in 2006, where he first served as president until 2011. Taking a hiatus from the company, he then served as chief executive officer of OTTO GmbH & Co KG in China from 2011 to 2015 and as vice president of Haier in Shanghai, China, from 2015 to 2019. Mr. Chow returned to Newegg Commerce, Inc., in 2019, where he has since served as chief executive officer. As chief executive officer, he notably altered the overall company structure to be internet courier domain-centric, which has empowered all domain leaders to treat their businesses like their own. Throughout his career, Mr. Chow has witnessed the development and expansion of e-commerce, which is also known as the buying and selling and goods and services via the internet. These electronic transactions occur as business-to-business, business-toconsumer or consumer-to-consumer. Formerly working in numerous trade capacities prior to the establishment of e-commerce, Mr. Chow has developed a great passion for the subject and believes it is the future of the contemporary Confidential 1