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59 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine BUSINESS SERVICES, CONSULTING AND HUMAN RESOURCES Since 1998, Robert K. Martin has served as the owner of Targeted Results International, through which he leverages his status as a master results coach in helping his clients perpetuate their performances in workplace settings. Specializing in neurolinguistic programming and life coaching, Mr. Martin is an expert instructor on teamwork skills, having transformed businesses across the globe and aiding company employees in accelerating their loyalty to the brand and learn innovative communication styles. Notably, Mr. Martin has coached thousands of individuals since the inception of Targeted Results International, having formerly been taught the intricacies of this work by Tony Robbins. Through his work, Mr. Martin teaches professionals and business executives how to overcome mental blocks in the workforce and phobias related to vocational activities, as well as handle relationship and health problems. As a result, he has served as a seminar leader and pioneer in the field of life and career coaching. He has often been coined “Doctor Bliss” for his decades of experience, commitment to his work and sense of humor while working with his clients. To wit, Mr. Martin previously established a drug court for the National Council for Supreme Court Judges, through which he works closely with defendants who have been charged with drug use and possession. Encouraging these defendants to attend rehabilitation services, he has served as a preeminent figure in his field, driven by his compassion for others’ personal growth. He has also been a member of the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence for more than 20 years. Prior to founding Targeted Results International, Mr. Martin was a licensed paramedic in the State of California and a deputy explorer for Los Angeles County. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Pasadena City College and is an alumnus of the Los Angeles County Sheriff Academy. In the present day, Mr. Martin is semi-retired. However, looking forward, he would like to continue coaching others on a pro bono basis. Millennium Magazine Featured Listee ROBERT K. MARTIN MASTER RESULTS COACH, OWNER Targeted Results International San Clemente, CA