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74 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine EDUCATION DR. RAY HOWARD PETTIT PROFESSOR EMERITUS OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING California State University, Northridge Las Vegas, NV Accruing nearly 70 years of experience in the field as an educator, Dr. Ray Howard Pettit is a proven expert in electrical and communication systems engineering. Since 2003, he has held the distinguished title of professor emeritus of electrical engineering at California State University, Northridge, having previously taught at CSU Northridge since 1978. Furthermore, between 1983 and 1986, Dr. Pettit operated as the department chair at the university. Dr. Pettit previously worked with several other notable organizations over the course of his career, including Lockheed Martin, the Westinghouse Electric Corporation and Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. Furthermore, between 1966 and 1978, he operated as an associate professor at his almamater, the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech), and he is considerably proud to have earned a tenured position as a professor with them. In addition to his primary professional roles, Dr. Pettit acted as a consultant for the Pentagon, as well as for most of the major companies comprising the aerospace industry. He served honorably with the United States Army between 1955 and 1957, achieving the rank of First Lieutenant. Prior to beginning his vocational journey, Dr. Pettit cultivated his own education, studying at Georgia Tech and earning a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering in 1954 and, after having already begun his career, a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering in 1960. He also achieved a PhD from the University of Florida in 1964. To commemorate his achievements in the field, Dr. Pettit was named Professor of the Year by the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Georgia Tech. As part of his commitment to his profession, he also remains affiliated with the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers and The Tau Beta Pi Association, Inc. Among his many other accomplishments, Dr. Pettit notably contributed to the engineering development of Global Positioning System (GPS) and tactical and strategic military communications systems, which became the basis for modern cell phone technology. In addition, he holds two patents for satellite and submarine communications technology.