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80 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine EDUCATION and Teachers of Mathematics of NewYork, among other organizations. She says of her profession, “You do not have to have a teaching degree to become an educator.” She continues, “We are all educators in our own right.” To this end, Ms. Blackwood motivates her students to forego procrastination and do studious work from the very beginning. She finds it rewarding when her students understand the complexities of mathematics, aswell aswhen her students remain in touch with her following their graduation. In accounting for her success, Ms. Blackwood earned the 1997 and 1998 Building a Better Community Award, the 1997 and 1998 College Life Leadership Award, and the 1998 Wall Street Journal Achievement Award. She was also highlighted in Who’s Who in American Colleges for two consecutive years. Looking toward the future, she would like to return to higher education to earn a master’s degree in leadership and also pursue a doctorate in education. Hailing froma family of educators, Nadine Y. Blackwood pursued teaching as a career path after experimenting with the sciences. First receiving a Bachelor of Science in actuarial science from the Manhattan campus of St. John’s University (formerly known as the College of Insurance), she subsequently followed her passion and earned a Master of Education in mathematics. From there, Ms. Blackwood became licensed to teach seventh through 12th grade. As an immigrant from Jamaica, Ms. Blackwood attributes her success to her close-knit upbringing, having brought her family values and hard work ethic from the Caribbean to the United States. Among her many career achievements, she is especially proud to have had the courage to shift career paths, thereby returning to higher education to earn her master’s degree in education and certification to teach secondary school students. Since 2013, she has excelled as a teacher of mathematics at the Bronx High School for Medical Science. To remain abreast of developments in her field, Ms. Blackwood maintains active affiliation with the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics NADINE Y. BLACKWOOD, BS, MED EDUCATOR Bronx High School for Medical Science Yonkers, NY