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99 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine EDUCATION reflected on what work was most fulfilling and realized that she most enjoyed working with children while conducting pro-social lessons for teens in halfway houses in Pittsburgh during her college years. From there, she delved into higher education and has excelled ever since. To prepare for her career, Dr. Polito's background in psychology, from University of Pittsburgh, supported her work with diverse learners, both children andadults. Thereafter, shepursuedhigher learning specifically to focus on teaching and learning. After earning two MS degrees in general education and in supervision and administration from Bank Street College of Education’s Leadership Institute, she took on many roles in NewYork City Schools. First serving as a teacher of special education, then as assistant principal, she became Director of Middle Schools and Instructional Support Specialist before founding a middle school in Manhattan. In 2012, she earned a doctorate in education from the University of Phoenix, where she was also a professor. Dr. Polito has exhibited and presented at conferences, including the National Council for the Social Sciences and Free Minds, Free People. She is the recipient of the Ford Foundation Grant, the VH-1 Music Grant, and the Education Foundation’s Go Reach and Go Teach grants. For her efforts, she has been recognized by a Bank Street College Levitt Foundation Award, a Palm Beach County Teacher of the Year Award, and selected for the Transatlantic Outreach Program from the Goethe Institut. Maintaining affiliation with the Historical Society of Delray Beach, Spady African-American and Cultural Heritage Museum, National Council for the Social Sciences, and National Organization for Women, Dr. Polito volunteers with the ‘28 Storm Memorial Park Coalition, where she engages youth in education through civic action endeavors. An advocate for education and equity, Dr. Julianne Polito rose through the ranks to bring about social justice in her work as a teacher. She initially became involved in the education sector after working as chef in corporate kitchens. Looking for a shift in careers, she decided to take a six-month hiatus to travel to historic sites in the Southern United States. In that time, she JULIANNE POLITO, PHD EDUCATOR Palm Beach County Schools Delray Beach, FL