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233 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine HEALTH AND WELLNESS she received an associate degree in social work from Jackson Community College, as well as a Bachelor of Science in social work from Spring Arbor University. Following her receipt of her bachelor’s degree, Ms. McClurg completed an internship in hospice care, a specialty in which she has excelled ever since. Since 2003, Ms. McClurg has served as a licensed clinical social worker and licensed master’s social worker with the Henry Ford Allegiance Hospice in Jackson, Michigan. Specializing in grief counseling, she finds her work to be tremendously rewarding and important to her, her patients and her patients’ families. While pursuing her work at the Henry Ford Allegiance Hospice, she returned to higher education and earned a Master of Social Work in clinical and medical social work from Michigan State University in 2007, which she completed in only 17 months. Earlier in her career, Ms. McClurg served as a real estate office manager at Red Carpet Keim Santi Realty between 1993 and 2003. Additionally, she previously spent time as a babysitter, waitress, factory worker, cake decorator and service center coordinator, demonstrating her versatility amid her career tenure. Outside of her primary vocation, she previously organized a monthly social work group with support and encouragement from her late husband, Ronald. Among the many highlights of her career, she is especially proud to have been selected as one of two students out of 6,000 students at Jackson Community College to represent the USA Academic Team, for which she was recognized by Michigan legislators in Lansing. Looking toward the future, Ms. McClurg intends to remain involved in hospice care and taking care of terminally ill patients for as long as she is able. She has four children: Cristina Hamlin, Louaine Stubli, Shawn Newton, and Jeffrey and Kim McClurg. A survivor of breast cancer, Lois M. McClurg innately understands the process of fear, loss and grief among the terminally ill and their families. Following her diagnosis in 2000 and subsequent recovery, she desired to work among hospice patients in a medical-related capacity. To pursue this newfound passion, LOIS M. MCCLURG, LCSW, LMSW LICENSED CLINICAL SOCIAL WORKER, LICENSED MEDICAL SOCIAL WORKER Henry Ford Allegiance Hospice Jackson, MI