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304 Millennium - A Marquis Who’s Who Magazine SOCIAL SERVICES AND NONPROFIT and “The Game: Winning by Virtue One Move at a Time.” The lattermost novel, “The Game,” serves as an instruction manual to simplify the complexities of love to shed light on human behavior. Likewise, the manual offers guidance on how to build an honorable character with virtuous behavior to become spiritually enlightened, where love is always the answer. Princess Merrilee’s work has been recognized on, as she was cited as a #1 bestselling author. She was also selected for inclusion in the International Top 100 Magazine and the Heritage Registry. Outside of her work as an author and media personality, Princess Merrilee holds a BS from the University of Phoenix. She has also lent her expertise to several charitable initiatives, including Prepare for Change Global, where she aids the Malawi Orphanage, and as the president of Kiwanis for the CaliforniaHawaii-Nevada District. She was awarded a PhD in existential relations by the LaCasse Institute. Dedicating her life to ensuring the betterment of humankind, Princess Merrilee excels as the owner of The Merrilee Show, with which she spreads her message of love. Following the dissolution of her previous marriage, Princess Merrilee turned to God’s word, dedicating her life to love. Over the course of many decades, her leadership skills and tenacity have earned her the title of Princess Merrilee of Solana, Queen Crown and Guardian of Divinity annexed to the Marsich Crown Kingdom. Princess Merrilee, further, has been honored as an ambassador of love. Through this title and feat, she prides herself on her mission to simplify the intricacies of love to promote the greater good for all on Earth. She credits her commitment to love as the main contributing factor to her continuing success. An award-winning author, Princess Merrilee penned her very first book in 2009 and followed this accomplishment with other books to her name. She has also written “Cracking the Rich Code Volume 4: Powerful Entrepreneurial Strategies and Insights from a Diverse Lineup of Co-Authors from Across the World,” having also written the first and ninth volumes, as well as “I Am Still Here: Trials Turned into Transformation,” “The Change: Insight into Self-Empowerment” MERRILEE SWEENEY (PRINCESS MERRILEE OF SOLANA) OWNER The Merrilee Show Laguna Niguel, CA